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6 Years since rescue!

Sir Thomas Cooper and Lord Buffingham Tyger were rescued by a wonderful group of women 6 years ago today from a horrid hoarding situation on Manada Street in Harrisburg, PA.

New pictures in my photo area.
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Awfully cute. Easy to see they are each a very good boy.
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Wow, 6 yrs already!!!.  What a trip.  Such a blessing you and Anita have been to the boys... and all your other equally important rescues.  You guys are amazing.  

Thinking of Ms Blue who only went over the Rainbow Bridge 4 months ago.   And our Ms Teia, of course.  Such a short time still.  
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Mr Buff is asleep behind me as I type, under the blanket that is over the couch.

Mr Cooper is upstairs in his kitty bush by the front window in the "nursery."

All seems right with the world when there is a kitty or two (or more) in the house.
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Boy, do I agree about that. Of course, if the kitties don't agree with each other, then you have your hands full! But obviously Cooper and Buff are best buddies.
That made me think of a recent picture of our two cats, showing that they are buddies to the end. Posted at https://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/766645?personal_page_id=1041 if you'd like to see some kitty love. :)
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Sir Thomas Cooper and Lord Buffingham Tyger have now been safe under our roof for 6 years and 4 days.

Picture from Adoption Day: https://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/766711?personal_page_id=861638
That's an anniversary worth celebrating indeed!  6 years since the boys' rescue.  How wonderful for all of yous!  Congratulations!.  
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Wow, it's amazing it has been this long. Congrats to both and to you.
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