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I was reading the post about cats and problems with their bowels and read about the raw food and the more natural dry foods.  I have been doing research and since we have 5 cats and not a lot of time, I don't think we can do the raw foods just yet (and hubby is out of work).  But, we are looking at the various dry foods and I specifically like the EVO from everything I've read, but it's just way too expensive for us just now.  There's another one we found sold at Petco that is Natural Balance.  It's not as good as EVO and some of the others, but what do you thinik?  I think it would be better than the dry food we're feeding them now?  We've been feeding them Purina One and they've done well on it (we compared it to IAMS and Science Diet) and thought we were giving them a good quality food until I read up about most regular cat foods.  We're also planning on buying a case of soft food from Natural Balance so that we can give them soft food a couple times a week (which we do now but we give them Friskies and now I'm not so sure that's all that good for them either).  Once hubby is working we can go to the EVO.  Anyway, we are buying some Natural Balance this week and mixing it with the food we give them now to help them adjust.  

Anyway, please give me your opinions about Nature's Balance.  Thanks!  
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I have found that they have a formula that is grain free too!  YIPPEE!!!!

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hi...I don't know anything abt the Natural Balance pet food, if its grain free thats a good start. Friskies is NOT a good food in my opinion.
I do feed my (one only...due to grain intolerances)...kitty EVO and he does very well on it.
All I do want to mention to you is abt the expense, I have found that a high quality food is expensive however I find the kitties eat ALOT less when the quality is high, therefor in the long run they are less expensive than most alternatives...a $50 bag of EVO will last my kitty 3-4months...and I free feed so he is eating all he wants when he wants.
just a thought for you..
all the best
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Thanks for your feedback!  Hubby and I discussed it and we will try the Natural Balance for now and see how that goes.  Once he gets back to work, we can switch to EVO.  I was able to do a search and found several places that sell EVO in Salt Lake City (not in our town but at least I work in Salt Lake).  

I think it will help my Abby and my mother's Rusty.  Rusty is overweight right now and I'm hoping that the better quality with the grains will help him to lose weight.  As for Abby, she sometimes has problems with her bowels (not bad yet!) and she's an easily stressed cat.  So, if I can prevent her from having serious problems (well prevent all of them) than that's great!  I also don't want to see Rusty develop diabetes.

Thanks again!!!!
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