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Cat's claw ripped out!

I was playing with my cat and her claw got caught in her toy. She freaked out and pulled her claw right out. I know cats shed claws, this is not the case. She has a small bump around half the size of a pea on top of her paw where the claw once was. She was limping for a day, but it putting full weight on it now and runs and plays again. I cannot afford a vet as i was laid off. Is there anything i can do for her? I feel so bad that i cant take her to a vet, but i cannot even pay rent or buy food for myself. This happened about a week ago and i just noticed the lump today. She licks it a little more often than usual but is not pulling out fur or anything. It does not smell bad either. So...will her claw grow back? Will the bump go away? And what can i do? Please help.
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Can we see a picture of kitty's claw? I want to see what's going on before I give an answer.
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It looks like a paw finger or pad, but flesh colored maybe slightly pink/red. Sorry i cannot add a picture. Tell me your email i will send you one, as i have iphone only, no computer.
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At the very least  you should take extra care to keep the wound very clean.  Someone else may have suggestions for grooming safe antiseptics.  But I think warm salinated water would be a step in the right direction, a spoonful of salt for a couple cups of water should do the trick.  Cleaning the wound out a couple of times a day. I volunteer at a feral cat clinic and have seen this a couple of times,  the vet says they grow back and has us clean it with Novalsan solution.  Maybe consider wrapping it while it heals if your kitty will put up with it.  
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Thank you very much.
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I know I am late on this but our cat did this too when she was a kitten. Same thing...playing with a toy. I tried to keep it clean and she licked it a lot too. It grew back with no complications. At the time she was an indoor only cat so that was good because she did not have the opportunity to go out and get it infected. Hope your kitty is feeling better!
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my cat chance came in wit a swollen paw and hs dew claw broken, he is limping his nerve twitches non stop so i assume it hurts what is a pain aid you can give a cat? i have been keepingit cleane but he is in light discofort. Can any one give me advice? I dont want to take him to vet clinic bc i have  extra income, i took this cat in and like everyelse money is tight but pounds kill and i have tooken him in ad fallen in love with this little guy i want the best and other income has already got him fixed and shots w/ wormming..... Please all advices are welcome.....
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i'm so sorry for the pain your kitty is in, all I can tell you is there is NO safe over the counter pain control for a cat...please do NOT attempt to give him anything that we people take it can be very toxic and  would likely kill him. Can you call a clinic and ask for a prescription without a visit? if you explain the situation there maybe one that would help, the prescriptions themselves are very inexpensive...or if not would one clinic agree to take monthly payments? I don't know what a visit would cost you in the US? I would assume approx. $50?
kitty sounds like he is in alot of pain, so please do some calling around..even try your local humane society to see what they suggest. keepin it clean will just help with infections not with nerve pain and that can be excruciating..good luck♥
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My feral is living inside for 1 year, now. She DOES NOT let me touch her, which is fine. But, her nails seem to be growing and she sticks to the carpet with each step. She does get stuck quite a lot. Sometimes, very stuck and I get scared. I am worried that she will pull her nails out one day. It seems inevitable. I am in quite a pickle here. I stacked a few cinder blocks hoping that she would scratch the, with no luck. Any advice? And really, I can't get near her.
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You may want to look up Jackson Galaxy the cat behaviorist's website and his show "My Cat From Hell" website from Animal Planet.  He does episodes on feral cats and also has tips on owning ferals.  You may even be able to ask your specific question on feral cats and scratching posts etc. on these websites.  A last alternative would to be to get your feral cat into a carrier with food to bring it to the vet.  The vet can put it under to clip it's nails, but I would also suggest getting it's shots also.  Pretty expensive just to clip your cats nails.  Plus they will grow back, as I cut my indoor cat's nails regularly.  There are also books you can find at Amazon or Barnes and Nobles on ferals, such as
Feral Cat Rescue: Tips and Techniques for Caregivers by Casey Wright.  Good luck!
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hello I am soo sorry to hear about your kitty he does sound like he s in a lot of pain well My cat came in the other morning and was not putting any weight on his hind leg so I looked at it and there seemed to be a cut that I could see but he seemed in to much pain for just a cut .so today I tpook him to the vet and the vet said that he had pulled out his claw and he needed 2 stitches in thereso they did that under sedation of course and they gave me a tunnel thing to put around his neck so he wouldnt lick it cause thats the worst thing for your cat and my cat also had an absess  and   becuause he had an absess
he needed antibiotic shot the pain medicine they gave me was is called Meloxicam but you really need to take him to the vet so call around and Im sure you will find someone who will have a heart and help you out with your situation .Let me know how things turn out .where are you from.Im in surrey bc
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