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Cat's vagina with red lining

I usually take my cat in my arms like a little baby and play my fingers at her tummy. She's a bit fat now and doesn't like it for long. She usually turns to sit in her normal posture with her tummy touching mine. Anyhow, a part from this unusual act she has stopped sitting on my hand and leg with one of her arms over them. It was more like a half hug thing.
Today when i was kissing her and rubbing her tummy. My hand brushed against her vagina a bit and she freaked a bit and idk why but i felt like I should check. As i approached it, I felt like it had a bit of a blood kind of a faint line in between while I could see a dot at the top tip of her vagina. I opened it a bit and the sides were a bit swollen according to me at least with that faint line but before I could examine any longer or put a tissue down there and see if it was blood. She got restless and struggled out of my lap and jumped down. She sat near my feet and started licking herself. And after some time did it down there too. Now when I came to my room I tried to check her again and click a picture so I could show u all and ask. But it seems like she had licked it clean already. One more important detail is that due to the hot weather she tends to sleep a lot and when she tries to lick herself down there mostly...her tummy gets in the way (oI believe) cuz she just stops midway and drops the idea to go back to her resting position. I went to the doctor just last week and on monday too due to her fever. The doctor dint check her down there nor did ask or tell anything other than saying that I should oil her ears-one drop of olive oil in each-on weekly basis to prevent any infections and clean her eyes twice a week or so and brush her hair twice a day.
Idk, if she's preggy or sick or if its normal. She went to mate on 22nd of April. She stayed there till the morning of 25th. The friend who took her to her tom says that she dint let the male near her and beat him up. So its unclear if they had a chance to do anything. The male is as old as her and has turned an year old in may just as she has.
Can someone please help me out here?

P.S: Some cat mommies and daddies told me today that Me-O feed is bad for health so what exactly should I give her? What can I do to make her feed at my own home with natural ingredients? I wan her to be healthy.
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May 14, 2016


  I'm sorry about your kitty and that I took so long to answer your question.

  I don't understand why your veterinarian didn't address the vaginal issue.  Sometimes, as with any type of doctor, a person needs to be insistent until an answer is given.  The same with the food situation.  I'm not knowledgeable about such things.  
  Here's what I can suggest:  Your kitty needs a diet plan, serious business, so you need a vet's recommendations.  The vet can suggest what food to give (and/or not give) and in what amounts.

  Stop touching around her vaginal area and putting her on her back.  This is where a vet needs to check.  Also, as you've seen, this alienates her.  I'm sure she's already traumatized by being left with a male cat in a strange place away from her home.  She has no idea what your intentions are.  Since you're wanting to breed this cat, many of us here are against this idea on principle, you need instructions from the vet.

  Get her back to this or another vet as soon as possible.  Take a pen and paper and write advice down.  If you don't get it all the first time say so.  Any good vet will repeat it for you.

  Ask whether or not there are any printouts on anything you should know.

  A library and/or bookstore can help as well.  

I hope all goes well for you and your kitty at the vet's.




Thank you :) She's absolutely fine now. No worries.
Plus...so if I ever want her to mate should I bring a male hone? U see where I live...vets don't even take the responsibility of doing an X ray on their own. The owner has to hold their pets while the procedure...be it nail cutting, injections, x rays or a simple temperature check. So they don't check down there without asking and given that I usually go with my dad there...it gets a bit awkward talking about things like this. Last time , I just asked about the clues if she was pregnant so I'd know and the vet eyed me then my dad and then his interns. I hope u can make a picture out of that. I really love her a lot and I can do everything for her.
Just pray for her to be healthy always.
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Hi Cat,

I have not been on here for a while but do read  and could not help but respond to your post.

I do not know what you want to do with your Cat/Kitten, but if breeding is your intent EVERYTHING must be run by your vet. You sound young, perhaps I am wrong, but you need a lot of guidance.

Your cat / kitten may be pregnant NOT fat. It is imperative you take your cat to your veterinarian ASAP.  Never take a tissue and put it up your cats vaginal orifice for ANY reason!!  This is just not what you do.
She may not want her belly rubbed because she is pregnant....and furthermore you should not be examining her sexual organs or anus, that is for a vet to do.

Please, Please get some professional or adult advice about "Feline Care"

Let us know what the vet has to say--I am also concerned about your kit.

Thank u so much!!! And yes I am getting her ultrasound done around 27th because that's when my papers end. She is doing fine just a bit too lazy and sleeps a lot. The vet told that she'd be sleeping a a lot if she'd be pregnant so I guess I'd be a grandma soon. And yes I am 20.
Other than that she's doing healthy. I dint even give her any baths so that she doesn't catch a cold since then. And she is having mood phases...sometimes she wants to cuddle me and sometimes she just ignores my existence these days.
I love how u are concerned for her.
Just pray for her health to be fine always cuz idk what on earth would I be doing without her.
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LOL!  Yes I have been "eyed" by vets like that---no big deal--what they think about YOU doesn't count. It is your cat and you ask any questions you want and you can always ask for a pregnancy test or for her "rear end parts" to be examined--especially if there is blood.

Breeding cats is very serious work, is your cat a purbred?? If not the general consenses is to Always have your cat spayed by 6 months. Too many unwanted kittens  don't want that .  
Now if you have a burebred and you have people who will be there to adopt them, then just ask for some advice from your vet-----no matter how he looks at you. Remember he works for you.


P.S. I am not sure---did you say your cat IS pregnant
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