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Kitten Seizure

My cousin was holding my new kitten and it climbed up to his shoulder, jumped off and hit the hard kitchen floor... He had a seizure for a good 30 seconds and when I set him down on the couch he lied there with his mouth open and was breathing rapidly. A few minutes ago he seemed ok and was walking around but he's really slow. I'm thinking he got a concussion but he wants to fall asleep so I'm trying to keep him awake. All the vets are closed and I have nowhere else to go, should I let him fall asleep? I'm really scared right now and I don't know what to do my cousin is still crying because he thinks that he killed him. I can't let him die please help.
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I would try and find the closest emergency vet..the kitten probably sustained head trauma which caused the seizure and his abnormal breathing. He needs treatment to reduce the swelling in his brain. Usually, the voicemail at your vet's office tells you the number of the recommended emergency clinics in the area. You can always google emergency vets in your area as well. Hope the little kitty makes it..
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The closest emergency vet is 2 hours away I'm broke and I have no gas... Is there anything I can do at home to reduce the swelling?
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no there is nothing you can do at home.....please DO NOT ATTEMPT to give any medication, if you can't get him into a Vet it will just have to be a 'wait and see'...sure hope all will turn out well for him♥
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