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Miss Blue is 5 months with us.

Yesterday made 5 months that Miss Blue has been a resident of Catamount Grange.

She has learned that kitties are welcome on the furniture and on the bed. When she comes to bed, her purr box is going even before you pet her. Se loves to knead the blankets, purrs so hard she drools a little.

Buff turned 5 on 9 June. He has been doing a charm offensive on Miss Blue, like he did on Miss Teia. They are now more likely to have a friendly of neutral encounter, rather than Blue trying to dominate.

The aggressive domination behavior of Blue towards Cooper is definitely moderating. She no longer automatically tries to chase him off, though she does still grumble at his presence. Though, a couple days ago had the house windows open as the day was not too warm and the humidity levels were down. Blue was on her favorite blanket covered box in the "nursery" room. Cooper was a few feet away in the top level of the kitty bush by the other window.

All in all, progressing not too badly I think.
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Sounds good! We have this past month brought in a formerly feral cat, and I'm surprised how quickly he has learned the ropes.  A cat who is enjoying the life will learn fast.
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I agree with you, Pip, Blue is learning how to get along, and fitting in well for the short time she's been there.  
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Mr Buff charm offensive toward Miss Blue is working.
I saw!!  Hopefully Blue and Cooper become friends eventually, as well.  Any progress there?  
Twice today, Miss Blue came up behind Cooper, gave him a thorough tail sniff and then walked away without even a grumble.
So, progress.  Slowly.  But better than nothing, we'll take it.  :)
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Miss Blue walked up to Cooper while he was eating, gave him a social hind end sniff, and then just walked away. No hiss, growl or paw involved.
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August 2, 2019

Hey, Pip.

  Anytime around the food bowl of another and no negative responses is a win.  I'm proud of your furry friends.   Miss Blue and the Buff will only get better over time.  She's come so far!

  Cooper has his own time constraints.  He'll do whatever he can do whenever he can.  As long as Miss Blue respects that then we can hope for more but it's up to them and the group dynamics.  They're all swell cats.

  Blessings to all,
For some reason I had it in my head that Buff was the one who Miss Blue sniffed at the food bowl.  I'm very glad this went down with Cooper!  Cool for cats.
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Miss Blue, who was shut out of her previous people's bedroom has learned that she is welcome to come to bed. Every night she spends at least 10 - 15 minutes purring up a storm, kneading the blanket, cuddling, shoving her hand under your fingers for scritches...many mornings, she wakes me about 4 AM with a return, looking for more loving.
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As of 26 August Princess Blue is 13 years of age.

She and Buff seem to be on mostly friendly terms. She seeks him out for nose bumps, before she hisses and bops him.

She and Cooper are definitely working things out. She is now more likely to growl and glare, rather than go after him out of hand. The chases are down to one every day or two, and once he goes upstairs to the bedroom level, Blue stops about halfway up.
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9 months now that Miss Blue has been the new Queen of the House.
Things are about 95% peaceful to neutral with Buff and they are as likely to give each other nose bumps as she is to hiss at him. I think its for show now.
Blue chases Cooper once a day now, but no longer pursues it to a physical confrontation.
She is loud though, and he has been standing up to her
What a trip.  I was just thinking of you and the gang this morning, Pip.  

Nice update; I was wondering how life has been for y'all.  
Hey all...things are going pretty well here at Catamount Grange.

Miss Blue is now giving Cooper social tail sniffs without then trying to chase him, though he does still hiss softly. The chases are getting to be once or twice every week now.

Saw the past couple of nights that Miss Blue likes lounging in the warmth coming off the gas log in the fireplace.

Took them to their annual well kitty check last Friday. All are overall healthy, no shots as the vet gives the 3-year vaccine for rabies. They do only necessary vaccinations. As Blue, Cooper and Buff are not exposed to any other creatures, no additional vaccines.

Buff will need to have a tooth pulled, will get that done later this month as he is not in any pain.
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