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Miss Teia Honey, Is 21!

She made it folks, in pretty good shape for her age.

Has not had any real bad days since the last vet visit.

Served her three of her favorite people foods for breakfast: shredded Cheddar, baked turkey breast and corn bread crumbles.
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GO TEIA!!  I thought about her a couple days ago and wondered how she was doing.
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Very cool indeed.
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That's awesome congrats Miss Teia...many more healthy years ahead
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The past few weeks have been giving her a little Miralax every day.

At first I'd try mixing it in her food, but there was no guarantee she'd eat it all before Cooper of Buff would finish it.

Miss Teia also likes 1/2 and 1/2. Have been giving her 1 or 2 Tbsp each evening with her Miralax mixed in the past week.

Had a good deposit this morning without straining.

Now, to restart her on the thyroid medicine.
I'm so glad it worked, I felt so sad hearing she had strained so hard she vomited. Poor baby.
Only vomit this past week was a hairball.

Miss Teia is still very fastidious about her personal grooming, and still does not quite like being brushed.
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Happy Birthday to beautiful Ms Teia, reigning Queen of the forum.  

Here's to many more healthy bowel movements!! :)
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