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Need help urgent please, rabies worry

Hello to all out there, and thanks for any help you can give me. Today I went to help in a dog shelter, while taking one of the dogs for a walk he scratched me and the start playing bittin the hand where I had the scratch, he was playfullmand happy and at first I didnt pay atention to the scratch and the bite in the hand but when I came back with him I checked his papers and he DONT have a rabies Shot, i talked to the people who worked at thenplace and they told me that for surenthe dog didnt had the rabies shot ,I  told them what happens but they decide it not to put the dog under observation or quarentine, they told me to go home and forget obout it, but honestly Im very worry about the idea of this dog maybe having rabies and me getting it from him. My skin was very red and have a small point in one side ,now you still can see the scratch ! I had talked to doctors and friends and everybody tell me to do something diferent, Im very scare and worry and I dont know what to do. Also this dog has been rescue from the street like 5 weeks ago,mandnin the shelter he has been ok. Please help me, let me know what you think. Thanks very much. God bless all of you!
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  I think you know what you have to do and you just need to do it.  Call the proper authorities, your state board of animal health, and they'll take it from there.  Meanwhile see your doctor again to keep progress on your wounds.  You may want to check a different forum as we are the Cats forum.  I must say too that, given your other health concerns, you probably shouldn't be involved with the shelter because it's such emotionally demandin work.  No shame in that.
You are right, I cant be involve with this, my severe OCD will keep me more sick than sane all the time I work there.thanks
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Hi rana,

Firstly please stay calm, chances are this dog does NOT have rabies if he has been at the shelter for 5 weeks already....HOWEVER.....and this is a big however any shelter that takes in a stray MUST see to it that they have been given a Rabies shot. This is the law in all states. They must keep there animals up-to-date on rabies registration.

So today--call Animal Care and Control and have them quarantine this dog and they will fine this shelter for not adhering to this policy. This is the way it should be. You cannot have any animal that is owned  (and the shelter is the present owner) not be up to date on rabies shots. They are operating outside of the law, and frankly to tell you to go home and forget about it is irresponsible behavior and they need to be reported.
Do not feel bad about this you are helping other poor animals in this shelter who are being taken in and not protected. They are not helping the problem ,  that shelter is adding to the problem.

In addition the most important person is you--you need to be sure you are ok. They have endangered your life.. Having said that , as I have said before there is probably NO need for concern, but the law is the law and the dog must be quarantined without up to date rabies license. . They have had this poor dog for 5 weeks, plenty of time to have him vaccinated.

Hopefully your reporting this will make them a responsible shelter. Right now they seem the opposite.

See you doctor for advice and meds.

Please let us know how this turns out. As I have said before there is every chance that this dog is free of rabies, but better safe then sorry.

Good Luck, CML
thanks for your answer, the problem here is that the office for animal control is in the same shelter and the boss in that office told me he will not put the dog in quarentine and thas it! Then I went to emergency room and started my treatment that cost me a lot thanks to this people, also the physical pain and the emotional problems that is causing me ( I suffer severe OCD) then is a very sad situation. thanks very much for your help.
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Well that is just great!  You are right not to go back there.

Go on the web and find the governance of your County. See who the commissioner of your District is, and write him or call his office to report this infraction. This shelter needs to abide by the laws...of course that is if their law is that every animal be given a rabies vaccination.

As long as you have taken steps to protect yourself that is most important. I am sure you will be fine. The dog does not have rabies if he has been with them for 5 weeks with no aggressive signs. The Shelter is just remiss in covering their legal responsibilities---IMO.

Good luck, try not to worry , you will be fine.

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