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Still sucking at 3 yrs old

I have a 3 yr female ( Midnight )  and 3 yr old male ( Oreo ) cat.  
they still like to suck a soft blanket at times.
Oreo usually only does it about 3 am  when he is wanting to cuddle up close to me in bed.  Midnight will do it any time of the day.  Should I try to stop them from doing this?  they knead there paws also while doing this.
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hi and welcome to our cat community.
this is quite normal, its soothing to a cat esp ones that were perhaps removed from their mommies earlier than they should have been...nothing to worry about and no please don't stop them, this is part of what makes our kitties unique..-)
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Both Spirit and Bob do this, but right on our shirts. Bob will only "snug" my fiance, he climbs right on his chest, wraps his "arms" around his neck and cucks on his collar, drooling and purring.  When he wants to do this, he's quite persistant, he'll push Ed over into position if he's not laying on his back (Bob's quite the big boy-not fat, just large and strong). Spirit will come sit w/her front paws across my thigh and suck on the edge of my shirt or do the same thing w/Ed that Bob does.  Ed's mom had said the same-that cats who do this behavior were weaned too early.  Spirit we got from a rescue shelter who'd rescued her as a feral orphan @ 4 weeks and we had to wait till she was old enough to adopt her. Bob was a gift.
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My cat Charlie is 7 and still does this. He loves fluffy blankets. He also kneads the blanket and walks in a circle at the same time. It is actually comical to watch. I also have heard this is due to be taken away from thier mommies to early.
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They seem to find it very soothing and very important part of interacting with us.  I think it's as important a part of the bonding process as grooming them. Bob gets so relaxed and involved he drools, happy fella. I certainly wouldn't interfere with this behavior, I think it takes an extremely happy and secure cat to indulge in this activity.
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yea, Oreo seems like this is his bonding time with me.  He usually only does it in the middle of night or when it is quiet and noone else is around.

He only usually does it around me  and purrs very loud.  He doesnt purr very often for anyone to hear him.
sounds like  they really are comfortable with the owners
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exactly!! ours only do this when we seem to have settled down for the evening to either read or watch tv after everything else is done and we look lik we won't be moving around any more. Bob sounds like a motorboat when he purrs doing this!!  Spirit's never had an audible purr-you have to gently touch her throat to tell is she's purring or not.
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