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Throwback Thursday

Throwback to midsummer 1986, the day that Queen Victoria decided she was going to keep the new kitten, April Dancer. Victoria was a big girl, about 18 - 19 pounds in her prime. Dancer never topped out over 6.

We were at Eglin AFB, FL then.

Dancer was our first rescue as man and wife. Anita caught her in the parking lot near her building. She was filthy and emaciated, took her to the vet before bringing her home to the Grey Sisters. She checked okay, just very hungry (one of Anita's co-workers gave Dancer the tuna from his lunch), likely had not eaten in at least a couple days. Vet estimated that she was just a barely weaned 2 months old.
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Very pretty.  
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I just love April Dancer.  She was adorable.  Thanks for the back story, Pip.  
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