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my kitten just tested positive for felv...

i have a small place.i am wondering if i should separate my other cats from her.my vet said some people do and some dont.i was wondering if anybody who keep their cats together had problems with their other cats catching felv?Also what do you do or food or give to keep felv cats as heathy as possible?
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Hi Callie,
Very sorry to hear your little kit has tested positive for FELV.
The  first thing you should do is have your other cats tested to make sure they are not already infected prior to the diagnosis.
Then they should be vaccinated if they are clean.
Food and water bowls, as well as litter boxes must be kept separate. Felv can be spread by cat bites, saliva or feces.
Best to always supervise cats with each other if you are going to allow them to roam free with each other. Grooming should be discouraged, as well as fighting and sharing of toys .
They can live happily together but will need strict supervision. Kittens can be hard to control, you know, LOL!
I would say your kit is going to need the best food with the least fillers to keep her as helthy as you can. There are many Limited Ingrediant foods out there, and it is best to ask you vet which ones would be suitable. He will also be able to tell you what suppliments and meds to give your little one.
Please keep us posted---Felv cats can live a good life with the proper care and precautions. Your little kit is lucky to have a mom who will see her through this.
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thank you for your advice.i will ask what food is best for her at her vet appt next week.The vet also put her on lysine.i have been doing my own research.I just want to get ahead of is virus.I will do whatever i can to help keep her  healthy as i can.
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as always CML gives very good advice to follow!!

I will say though, the FeLv is a killed vaccine that hasn't been established as terribly effective, and it is a major contributor to the sarcoma's seen in cats, so weight the decision to use it
I will say for sure NOT to use it on any cat that does already have Felv as their immune systems are already compromised and this will just further depress their immunity

diet should be high in protien...not byproducts be sure it is a canned food and never the dry and preferably GRAIN FREE if your kitty will eat some of the major brands like Wellness, Go, Merrick etc. I do advise not to go on your Vet's suggestion, they will of course push their over priced, carb laden brands like Hill's Prescription Diet and Royal Canin...these foods are terrible and should be taken off the market!!

Lysine is a very good choice to support he immune system. some of the Vet brands are higher in price and loaded with fillers. the best one I have found that is in human form and much cheaper and NO fillers...and is safe for cats. I will include a link for you. if you do get this product it comes in powder form, use 3/4-1 full scoop daily mixed in the wet food

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