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sensitive stomach

My cat seems to have a sensitive stomach.  The last time I brought him to the vet's, they gave me some sort of pepcid that calmed the stomach.  I was wondering if there is something I can get over the counter to help him with this.  Happens like every3-4 months....
Thank you
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You need to describe the symptoms and give us as many details as you can.

I don't think there is one single over the counter medication that can help with that. His problem is most likely that he needs a change in diet. What are you feeding him? Is he having diarrhea? Blood in the stool? What are the symptoms?
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He gets very lethargic.  First vomits food, then through the night it is basically clear but tinged with pink.  He did have some diarrhea last night.  I just went home at lunch and he was curled up sleeping with his brother.  I only saw one place where he vomited again.  The 1st time this happened, the vet kept him and put him on an IV and basically gave him pepcid, or something to soothe stomach...very expensive ordeal...
I feed him dry science diet and fancy feast 1/2 can.....he just usually grazes the food....mostly eats the dry.
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When theres blood in the vomit its something alot more serious than a sensitive stomach I'm afraid...IMO I think you need to see another Vet, this kitty should at least have been given an xray...
Is there a chance he may swallowed something foreign?
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A biopsy can tell you a lot as well. I'm suspecting you have an IBD cat...and what's more serious is that his IBD is in his small intestine, which causes cats to vomit the way you describe. Please take him to another vet and talk to them about the possibility of IBD. IBD is controlled with food only. You may have to put him on special diets. Poor kitty.

Good Luck.
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There is also a brand of food You can buy specifically designed for felines with sensitive stomachs. It is designed to help felines while still giving them the correct nutrient balance.
It is another Science diet brand however designed for sensitive stomachs.
He could quite possibly just have a sensitive stomach and the food he has been eating has been upsetting His stomach lining.
You have taken him to the vet though which is good, he might need to be placed on a special diet such as the sensitive stomach diet.
I hope he improves, best of luck
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Thank you for your info....I love my cats and take very good care of them.  I didn't want it to sound like I don't give them medical care.  I felt ripped off by the first vet, who really did nothing but IV him and keep him for 2 days.  My regular vetinarian did not find anything wrong with Reuben....so I will try the sensitive stomach food.  You were extremely helpful to me.

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Your are welcome, I knew You took care of them otherwise You wouldn't have taken them to the vet and posted in this forum for suggestions =)
Yes the vet should have done more to help or at least offered suggestions for when You took your baby home. I hope it works.
Best of luck!!
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If this only happens once every 3-4 months, I don't think it is a sensitive digestive system.  If that were the case, it would be chronic rather than just occasional.  The same would be true if it were some sort of obstructive tumor.  Does you cat get furballs?  Go outside? Eat grass?  Sounds to me more a periodic obstruction or toxin that he is ingesting.
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I brought my cat to the Vet's yesterday...she checked him all over, gave him a shot to settle his stomach and gave me some pills that do the same.  2 docs there palpitated his stomach and said everything felt good....they don't seem concerned..told me to just watch him....he is an indoor cat.  I grow the cat grass for them, they really eat that alot.  That is good for them isn't it?  Anyways, my cat, Rueben, is back to his self again.
I am going to buy that Science Diet sensitive stomach dry food..maybe that would help him out....Thank you so much for your input.  I appreciate it...
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Royal Canin for sensitive stomach is great and has worked for my younger. If Science Diet doesn't do the trick I would try Royal Canin.
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Thank you so much for your help...I will give that a try...
I really appreciate your support.
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I would give them the Royal Canin rather than Science Diet, it is a much better food and will help your cat in the long run. The better their diet the less health problems they will have. And they do have sensitive stomach for your little one. I've worked at the SPCA and currently work at a specialty pet food store so I know quite a bit about the different brands of food.
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I Work in a veterinarian clinic as a vet nurse and worked at the RSPCA before this and worked amongst numerous nutritionists. We have always been told Science diet is the best, and a better diet so I guess that is just your opinion not by evidence.
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Thank you very much for your advice.  I will give it a try!!
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Your welcome:) Royal Canin is also one of the few premium foods that is available at Pets Mart!

Princessdaniella - you can tell the difference between the two foods just by reading the ingredients list. Science diet has alot of by-products and filler. It also contains corn which is not good for digestion. It is a higher end commerical brand. Just a bit better than Iams and other likewise brands. Alot of SPCA's use commericial brands because that is what is given to them or has been donated.
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Yes, grass free of any fertilizers or pesticides is fine.  

Regarding pet food brand, Science Diet offers its food free to public shelters and they pay only the cost of shipping.  That's not to say it isn't as good as other brands though.  Each cat will have their own preferences and it doesn't matter how good a particular brand is if they won't eat it.  Digestive problems typically occur when there is a change in diet, not due to one brand over another per se.  So I would recommend finding and then sticking with a brand that Reuben likes and does relatively well with.  If you are switching his diet every 3-4 months or whenever he has an upset stomach that is more likely to contribute to the problem rather than a solution.
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Science diet is actually expensive, people coming into the clinic are usually put off because of the price of it not because of the quality. I am not sure, I know that our dogs have all lived past their lifespans and have been extremely healthy on this brand
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A vet once told me that Purina One is the best kind of food that you can give you cat.  It comes in all sorts of different kinds.  I feed my cat hairball and healthy weight. She seems to have a lot less hairballs, because of this.
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