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Excruciating pain

It's been since last night that I have had a really bad headache, it kept on increasing thru out the night,I even took some of the pain meds I had left over from the surgery in March ,but my headache is not going away, it fells like my head is going to explode!!! What else can I do any advice please.. I only have 2 more weeks till surgery , but I am so tired..
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Hang in there! Have you tried an ice pack? Numb it up real good & sometimes that can give you some relief!
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Hi! I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad. I hope it gets better. :( I don't have any advice. When it gets that bad - I don't know what to do either.

Are you wearing a neck collar? Sometimes that helps. I just put mine on and sit on the couch. I wish I had better/more advice. Hang in there. :(
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Thanks everyone , I did try the ice it did help a little,good advice zipRobin,
Yes Rebecca I do have a neck brace and it does help ,but I feel like something is pressing against my throat, it feels like I am being choked, I know I am going to have to ware it after surgery,but maybe it will be easier then..
Yes Selma your rite it is the weather that is effecting me I know..but this was just not the bad headache as usual,it was much worse!! Because surgery is so close now I am being very careful,asking anyone who has even a  snifful not to gone by..dont mean to suond mean, but I need to be extra careful.. Thank you for all the advice,and thank God it calmed down!!!
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  Hi....in  addition  to the  weather  it  could  be  a cold  or   flu....I  just  had what  I  think was  the flu  and the head  pressure  was  awful.

  Glad  you  are  being  cautious  and   feeling  better <3
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Hello. You prob already know this....don't forget you can't take any NSAIDs a week before surgery (Tylenol is fine). I know that when pain consumes you you look for anything that can help. I myself have messed that one up. I'm glad to hear it calmed down for you.
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