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How successful was chiari surgery ?

Hi I have just been diagnosed with chiari and told il need surgery I’m still waiting for neurosurgeon appointment but had mri scan hence the diagnosis. just wondering has anyone had the surgery and how successful it was and what recovery was like. How long did it take until you got back to normal? How long until you could work (I have physical job)
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum, If 20 people reply to this , you will get 20 different answers....we are all different and it really depends on you and what other co-morbid conditions you have as well as the Dr you choose to help you. Many will do surgery and they do not have enough experience with Chiari and  the co-morbid conditions  and that is when things can go south .

You said you had a MRI, may I ask what the report stated besides you have Chiari that they are saying surgery already? What symptoms do you have?

My surgery was in '09 and I took almost 7 years before I could do some daily tasks...and I no longer drive....but that is me.....there are some that have surgery and continue on with driving and working like they never had an issue and then there are some in worse shape then I would never wish on anyone....

Sometimes you have to accept that you have a new "normal".....find a new path....and it's just as rewarding as where I was before....I do miss driving and hate relying on others to take me places....but I am happy and feel better then I did prior to my surgery so I do have many benefits....

Depending on what your job is, you may have to consider a change there...who knows you could be one of those that can go back and do everything you did before....

AGE- and co-morbid conditions and how your body reacts to pain, pain meds and everything it will go through as this surgery will affect your entire body....it's not a minor little surgery.

There are no guarantee's with any surgery. Make sure you have the right Drs helping you.
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I will say that this condition isn’t easy to maneuver through. And knowing going into it that there is no cure will help you understand a little.

Many things play a role in the outcome as Selma pointed out. And to stress the importance of the right dr and other conditions you may have such as EDS is not an understatement.

I’ve had 2 chiari surgeries. 1 in 2015 and the last one in 2019. Both were difficult but served their purpose. I unfortunately have surgical related issues so  I’m dealing with those currently.

It’s all about knowledge and not rushing into a lifestyle that you used to have. A very hard pill to swallow for most everyone here

Good luck on your journey

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