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Normal EMG with symptomatic syrinx?

Hi, is it possible to have a normal EMG of the extremities with a symptomatic syrinx? A recent MRI showed I have a small linear T2 hyper intense area, likely a syrinx primarily at c6-c7. The report states that it may benefit from follow up. It does not specify Chiari malformation. It says the cerebellar tonsils are within normal limits and  the cord does not appear expanded. I’ve had multiple symptoms consistent with a syrinx, reported way before ever hearing of such a thing. Right sided numbness on face and in arm, right thumb gets “locked” in place and fingers draw inwards when this happens, right arm gets extremely heavy/achy and hard to move, tingling between shoulder blades, pain under right ribs and even on right collarbone area with deep breaths, vertigo, ringing in ears. The doc had sent me to actually rule out MS, but he said no signs of MS and he doesn’t think the syrinx would cause symptoms. I’ve only had MRIs of lumbar, cervical and of the brain. No thoracic and no contrast images. Lumbar was a few months prior to others because of left lower back/tailbone pain  and left leg pain. Aside from this everything else Im experiencing is on the right.  Brain only mentioned prominent atria of the lateral ventricles, right greater than left which may represent underlying cysts. Lumbar showed a couple herniated discs. The neuro is not confident my other symptoms are neurologically related because of my normal EMG. Can you have a normal EMG with a symptomatic syrinx? And would they need to do a full spine MRI to rule out potential causes?
Also after speaking to my dad about all this, turns out he was told a few years ago he has a syrinx causing some of his pain, but they couldn’t find an underlying reason for his. It seems like this is pretty rare so to hear he has one also was kind of surprising.
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

I am unable to answer your question as I didn't have a syrinx when I had my EMG...but I know it didn't show anything either...BUT I was have neuro issues in my legs due to  tethered cord....so I am not sure how accurate the EMG's are for these issues.

May I ask, since no Chiari, did you have blunt force trauma in the area of the syrinx? If not, what do they think is the cause of the formation?
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Hi, the only trauma I’ve really had there was almost 20 years ago from a car accident. Not positive I had trauma in that exact area, but I was pretty beat up and had a lot of back pain afterwards. They have not mentioned any potential cause of the syrinx. The neurologist just said he was sending me to be checked for MS, and when that came back clear he told me basically that he seriously doubted a syrinx could cause the issues I’m having and he didn’t think I needed any other images. That was kinda perplexing to me, as everything I’ve read mentions looking at the whole spine to rule out any serious causes, and the radiologist mentioned twice in the report that the syrinx may benefit from follow up.
Did you sustain whiplash? It is possible this is from that accident. Have them check you for whiplash....I had it fourteen years following an accident and no one except for this one Dr saw the possibility. And I got a lot of relief after I had treatments for it. It didn't solve all my issues as I do have Chiari and a few other conditions, but it did help me a lot to get that dealt with.

Did you mention the accident to them?
I didn’t, but then again the neuro would barely talked about the syrinx, and I didn’t think about mentioning that to them until I started doing my own research. I’m on the hunt for another doc anyways, but I just wanted to see what others experiences were. I will definitely bring that up when I get another appointment. Thank you for the info.
No worries...I was amazed to find out just how whip lash can affect us too....and felt so much better once I had it taken care of....hopefully that will help you as well.
Please keep us posted on how you are doing and how your Dr search is going. Best of Luck to you.
Just know you are not alone.
Not alone at all just was diagnosed with a Syrinx from C6 to T1 they didn’t give a reason for it being there either. So I’m on the hunt to figure out how to possibly put my body in the best situation for it to shrink or at least not grow. I’m 26 years old and I’m still in disbelief.
To Allnate : There are a few possibilities......You may have had an injury to the area , Or something causing a blockage to your CSF flow....It could be Chiari, or a few other issues that can be related.

Do you have a copy of your MRI and the report?
I don’t actually I need to get one from the neurologist
Sorry for the delay been really digging around trying to make sure I’m covering everything.
You may be charged if you go to the Dr....ask at the facility where the testing was done,it should be free!!...and ALWAYS ask for copies on a disk and a copy of the report when you sign in for all future testing.

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