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Pointed cerebellum tonsils?

I had the brain MRI and it was read as “mostly normal” but while I was looking through the images I see what looks like the tonsils are pointed. Now I had my decompression surgery 3 years ago and follow up imaging describes them as normal rounded shape. Also seems lots less space since decompression when comparing the 2...

My appt isn’t till next month and I’m just impatient. Think there’s any significance there? Just baffles me
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Forgot to mention that during my decompression which included duraplasty and a bovine patch, my tonsils were cauterized
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Hi ...refresh my memory....you have had symptoms resurface? and that is the reason for all this?

Could be the bovine patch causing an increase of CSF and pressure....if you have EDS.....that is one constant that I see going on....

increased pressure and flow could cause the tonsils to be pegged or pointed as you mentioned.....if you research pegged tonsils it leads to other articles about increased CSF pressure.....I would investigate the patch before agreeing to shunts...JMHO.
Hi Selma. Yes I have EDS and only got about 4 weeks of any relief from decompression. Symptoms came back with a vengeance and about a year post op I was diagnosed with high ICP. Was in diamox for over a year and even with continuously increasing the dosage, it eventually plateaued out I think....

I never expected to feel 100% after surgery but I was sure hoping for better than this. Just so frustrated

I’ve heard a lot of things in regards to shunts and I deff don’t wanna go that route. But the thought of relief just teases me. Think I’d rip this stupid patch out myself if I could some days if that is the source of all this

Hopefully I’ll know more next month
Have you talked with zygy2 about this? She went through something similar with her patch.....in fact she had a lot more issues unfortunately.....bur, I think they finally figured out it was the patch and had it removed.She is definitely someone you want to chat with.
No selma I haven’t spoken with her. Not sure how to get in contact with her either.....
I'll try and tell her to see your thread.
That would be nice. Thank you so much
I sent her a message the other day...no idea when she will see it though.
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