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hi yes iam chiari type1 patient but id dont have much pain i dont have any complications now my age is 21 ...ryt nw iam using one tablet which was given by dcotor it reduces pressure so can i continue like this for ever with out surgery...infact i dont have much trouble other than little bit headace and i can perform my all activites well...so can any suggest is it positive affirmation?can i continue vth out surgery?
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hi selma  as i said above its my condition now can u suggest me something.does chiari patient ultimately goes to paralysis?in mmy case i dnt have any complications what does it has 2 say and what shuld i do
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Chiari Malformation is misunderstood by a lot of people as well as family doctors. I suggest like myself just keep educating yourself on your condition. My 11 year old son has CM1 and his symptoms are minor as well. I've been doing tons of research on this rare condition and CM can be different for many cases. I suggest going to a very informative website like the one listed below and a lot of your questions can be answered as well as setting yourself at ease. Good luck

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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

I would first suggest u find a NL that understands chiari and see if ur PCP is ready to learn with u as u go....and get testing to se just how ur chiari is affecting ur overall health.

U want to know if u have a syrinx, a CSF obstruction, overcrowding, sleep apnea...and there is more, but that is a good start.We do have a list of chiari drs here on MH....u do have to research the drs to find the right one for u.http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Chiari-Malformation/LIST-OF-CHIARI-SPECIALISTS/show/1293483

Hang in there : )

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I am happy that you are not having any other symptoms... please do take Selma's advice and get the rest of the answers to see if not having surgery will do any long term damage.  If there is a syrinx or compression or CSF obstruction it could cause irreversible harm.  If you have all the answers about how this is affecting you... I think you can make an informed decision about surgery.  

Best of luck to you!
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