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5 year old son licking and does not write

Hi,my son is 5 years old.He is a very happy child and absolutely loves music and has an amazing sense of rhythm and music.He also loves letting street dogs etc. I see a few odd things in his behaviour
1. Off late he has started licking the floor ,put sand in his mouth,lick his hand ,lick.my cheek (says he is doggy),licks dirt ,licks bath foam _ they all seem to me sensory issues.
2. He has also started throwing things..like say he is watching TV or listening to music or running around or perhaps doesn't know how to release his energy and all of a sudden picks up the salt container opens it and pours the salt on the ground ,opens his bottle and pours water on the floor and then laughs at the reaction of the people around.When I tell him.its a wrong thing to do he says "ok mumma sorry I wont do it again " and then it repeats again on another day.
3. He has still.not started writing or rather even doing pattern lines ..just scribbles.
4. ,offlate I see him putting his hand in the loo and splashing the water there .
5.doesnt sit to finish an activity. No concept of start -finish of an activity.
6.sometimes he gets obsessed with one specific song and wants to hear it on a loop.. which later on I feel is to get the lyrics and tune right so that he can sing.And then he takes his Mike stands in front of the mirror and sings. But I see him throwing a fit sometimes on this..

Good things : loves story books being read to him .
Loves music and sings really well.
Talks well.
Loves children and animals.
Extremely affectionate and soft.
Please help .
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Hi, glad you wrote to us about your son.  So, first, it is hard sometimes to determine what is normal or not with our little guys. Talking to his pediatrician may help. I also wonder if he attends any type of school and what they say about him. My kids did preschool and then kindergarten starts around 5 or 6 for kids in the states.  Teachers can be very insightful for how a child is stacking up in terms of behavior and skills to peers of the same age, so it is valuable to get their input.  

The licking of floor and non food items is a little concerning.  Sometimes this is a vitamin deficiency. I'd consider a multi vitamin daily with doctor approval.  But there is a condition called PICA.  This is important to look into.  Anemia can cause it and it can be psychological.  It can have complications like lead poisoning or other issues.  https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/mental-health-pica#1

How is his communication and speaking?  this going okay?

Some kids don't write because they have fine motor issues.  They then avoid whatever is difficult. If you can't hold a pencil easily, you are obviously going to avoid writing.  There are writing programs that help such as "handwriting without tears" but an occupational therapist can be very helpful.  Attention issues can go hand in hand with motor issues.  Again, talk to your doctor about this.  

He may just be beating to his own drummer which is fine. But if there is any issue you can help with, it's important to know. My son has sensory integration disorder which includes motor issues (fine motor) and attention problems.  An occupational therapist diagnosed and treated him.

He sounds like a great kiddo.  We can talk about how to handle discipline things too if you'd like (with the throwing things) but one thing I will say is that little guys often have boundless energy.  They will watch tv BUT need lots of exercise and active time too.
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