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My grandson is 8 years old.  His parents are divorced and he has limited time with his father.  He lives with his mother and 6 year old brother.  He has ADHD (on meds), Anxiety and Depression (on meds) and is struggling in school somewhat due to Dyslexia.  He seems angry or sad most of the time.  He is now in trouble at school for touching the female students on their bottoms.  He has done this twice and is in "in school suspension", which basically means no recess.  His next step is to be suspended from school.  When approached by his mother his reaction was, "Prove it! Can they prove it? Is it on video? NO! Then until I can see it on video, I didn't do it."  
At this point, we are trying to deal with it as a family, by talking to him and explaining why it is wrong.  He is in counseling, but seems to be angry a lot.  
Any help would be appreciated.
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This sounds really hard to deal with.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry for your whole family and I'm sorry for your grandson.  Question.  Has he ever been evaluated for autism? Autism and adhd and various other things can all blend into a missed diagnosis. And knowing could make it so much better for treatment.

I don't know what happened with the girl.  Does he have a 504 plan at school or iep education plan?  Usually if they do, there is a coordinator or administrator.  Perhaps altered seating would help. What does your Grandson say about the incidents? Is he at all rule bound? Has he ever been traumatized or touched himself? What is the touching? grabbing her bottom or what?

Have you talked to his therapist or psychiatrist about it?  Perhaps the medication needs a tweak if he is still unable to control impulses? Perhaps a therapist could delve into why he is doing it. Sexual attraction and hormones at that age aren't 'that' huge for most kids. Is this sexual or what?

What is his therapist working on?
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