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can children with cerebral palsy develop autism at age 12

Hello everyone,
I am writing because my daughter,13 yrs old, has cerebral palsy, is a quadraplegic in a wheelchair.  But has always been very happy and once she started talking, she really started talking.  She was able to learn spanish from her aids and family although our primary language is english.  She loved to learn and sing songs.  She is developmentaly delayed to about a 5 year old.  She has always loved dolls and interacting with people.  She had an intrathecal baclofen pump put in her stomach and back in 2007.  The equipment malfunctioned and she was over dosed for years.  Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the doctors, and although we have asked if the problems could come from the pump of course every doctor thought it was someone elses specialty, like her hormones or her kidneys, or behavioral.  During this time she started having symptoms of seizure activity so she was put on an additional medication.  She was taking trileptal, but with all the problelms they also added vimpat, since about a year ago. She started to behave differently, all the new symptoms are always because she is becoming a teenager or someother thing, but she started repeating the same word or words over and over.  In the begining she would talk very loudly for hours, then it turned into just repeating the words "Oh My God" and "Okay" some times for 8 hours.  It is driving us crazy and I'm sure her as well.  She does not seem to know she is doing it and even now seems to be loosing the ability to do other things like sing or talk to us.  Is this austism, or is she getting to much medication or overstimulated at school.  She could never take loud noises, but seems better with the startling.  She still startles but not as much.  I feel like I'm loosing my daughter and don't know if there are any doctors that can help.  Has anyone had a similar situation and if so what is it?
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   I am not really sure that this is the forum for this as you really need a place with extensive medical advice.  My own knowledge of Autism is that it starts early and is noticeable early.  So, I would think that something else is going on.   I do hope that you can find someone with the medical expertise to help.  The unknown is always so much worse. Good luck!
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   Oh, we do have a CP forum here - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Cerebral-Palsy/show/197
    Definitely repost there.
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