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help me with my 4yo

my 4 year old also does not sleep through the night in her own room by herself.  Just last night she followed me around the house because she didn't want to sleep in her room by herself.  She will scream at the top of her lungs, she will cry and she will hit us or herself.  We don't know what to do with her, we have taken off her door, we keep her bedroom light on,we promise her things we threaten and have taken things away from her.  We have a new infant and we live in half a double, she screams like someone is killing her.  We have even just tried letting her cry it out but she is getting so out of control that she is trying to rule us.  Please help me and give me some kind of advise before I lose my mind?

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I agree and give it all the time it takes.  Dont give in.  You will want both of your children to eventually be able to have a bedtime story and a kiss goodnight.  Do yourself a favor and not wait to train the baby.
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If you ever watch SuperNanny, she has a good technique for getting toddlers to bed.  In this situation, it sounds like your daughter might be having some issues with the new baby and not getting the attention she wants.  If you get angry, she will get more upset and will not sleep.  A technique we learned with our baby that might work with both of your children is this: Cuddle go through the bedtime routine, if she cries, let her cry for 5 minutes, then cuddle for 5 minutes.  If she cries again, wait ten minutes, then cuddle for 5.  Continue adding 5 minutes to the wait time until she is asleep.  If she gets up before the specified time, I would quietly grab her hand and lead her to bed without talking.  I know this can be stressful, and I know you are exhausted.  Good luck and God bless.
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