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my son started a fire in the house how do i know if he as got a problem
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Could you elaborate a little?  How old is your son?  Did he set the fire on purpose?  HOW did he start a fire?  Has he exhibited any other alarming behvior?
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This must have been very scary for you can you say how it happened ,how it started was there any upset before he did this ..?Very often children will act out when the are upset ..give me some more details to go on...
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Is there any reason you would think he would intentionally set a fire?  
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Fire Stations often run programs about lighting fires and they will be ablr to tell you stright away if there is a problem good luck
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I remember years ago my friends son started a fire in the house.  He was about 6 if I remember correctly.  When questioned, he was just curious.  She took him on a tour of the fire department (pre arranged) and a few of the firefighters talked to him and were rather, well, hard on him.  Not over the top, but enough to scare him.  He never did it again.

Point is, there could be a lot of reasons this happened.  It may be a sign of a bigger issue, or just plain old kids being kids not understanding the potential consequences of their actions.  
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Yes, there are just few details to tell.  My cousins son when a young teen . . .  with friends at a friends house did a science experiment.  It blew up and and burned part of the home of my cousin's friend down.  It was a tragic accident.  (no one was hurt).  

And then there are kids that do intentionally start fires.  

I can't tell from your initial post for sure---  but you seem to suspect this child intentionally set a fire.  ????  

Hard to answer until more info is given.  
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