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my 8 year old bowel problems

hi, I have a wonderful smart beautiful 8 year old. who keeps pooing his pants i'am at my wits ends I have tried everything, laxatives, reward charts, punishment. he will stop for a couple of months but then it will start again. he tells me its lazieness but I think theres more to it. my family are quite judgemental to me and say its my fault and that he has emotional problems. even my friends are quite mean about it. I really want this stop before his 9th birthday he is in year 3 now and I know how mean kids can be. even his brothers are mean to him about it. my family is also blaming me for it and I have tried everything. he says he cant feel it or smell it I really need help with this as its gone on for 4 years now and I feel for him I know how nasty children can be..
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    I agree with Mark.  You have tried everything that you can do.  It is now time to get some outside help.
   This article might also be helpful.
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It sounds like your son needs to be evaluated by his pediatrician immediately.
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