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Hi my name is Kattie and i currently am a co parent for my younger brother who is 8 years old . once he started school it seemed like he just flipped . He went from loving and sweet to out of control . He wont listen AT ALL he acts up in class to the point that just today his teacher sent him home at 1 p.m. cause she just couldnt handle him . ITs deff not the teachers fault tho because we have had this problem before with other teachers . TOday he was crawling on his hands and knees between desks picking on there kids till they would talk to him throwing his pencil and talking all through class and this is with the teacher was standing right in front of him . I don't know what to do at this point though everyone of us in the family love him and willling to do anything but we just dot know what else we can do we;ve tried spanking him doing time outs taking away his fav toys but none of it seems to make a diffrence to him . SO please if anyone has and ideas on what to do or whats going on please help .
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Raising your brother and disciplining him should not be your responsibility.  Your only role with your brother is that of a sister.  Unless there is a logical explanation to the contrary, your brother's behavioral issues is your parents' responsibility.
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I agree with Mark.  Why are you "co parenting" your brother?

It sounds like the family structure is really so difficult that it might explain his poor behavior.   Unless your parents are deceased I can't imagine a positive reason why you are "co parenting".  
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Especially if "every one of us in the family" is jumping in and trying to parent him.  If your parents are deceased, or out of the picture entirely, he should be living in a situation where only one or two people has parental authority, and they should (hopefully) be someone experienced at raising kids.  Do you have an aunt or uncle who could step in?
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   So what can you or your family do?  I think that was the question.
First, someone who has the authority should contact the school and see about testing for ADHD or anything else that could be causing this behavior.
Since this has been going on for some time, and I assume he is at the same school - they should be quite willing to do so.
  Second, he is really still young to be punished for what he is doing at school.  His misbehavior at school needs to be dealt with immediately by the school.  And at home he should be punished for only those things that he does at home.   If he was sent home, then he was suspended.  And a school can only do that so many times legally.  I am pretty sure that his teacher wants some help, and thus should be open to recommend testing.
   At home.  Definitely make sure that he is getting a good nights sleep.  And that involves going to bed at the same time every night.  Tons of studies have been done that prove lack of sleep and inconsistent bed times can be major causes of problems the next day.
   Get the book,  "SOS Help for Parents," by Lynn Clark.   Found here - http://www.amazon.com/SOS-Help-Parents-Third-Edition/dp/0935111212
    Follow its directions.    Essentially, the rules for behavior modification are that there must be immediate, short, consistent consequences.   Do not expect overnight miracles.  It has taken him awhile to get to this point and it will take a while to relearn control. SOS will show you how to work this system with him.
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