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separation anxiety?

Help!!  My 5 year old daughter won't stay in her own bed anymore.  She used to do so good at night, however now she is constantly getting out of bed in the middle of the night.  She will go to sleep just fine, we have our own little routine that we go through every night, but now she will sleep for 3-4 hours then come in our room asking for hugs and kisses.  I give her a hug and kiss and she goes back to bed only to return ten minutes later asking me to check on her and this goes on about every ten minutes or so with all sorts of excuses for about 2 hours, sometimes more. Her dad and I are at our wits end, we don't know what to do to help her.  Help us please!
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Is she tired enough, does she get adequate stimulation at school I doubt if she naps during the day now but sometimes if that goes on past 3 years old it does disturb their nightime sleep. so make sure she is tired enough, read to her, no milky drinks as they can keep her awake, bed 8-9pm read her a story or two, tell her to stay in her bed, when she comes in to you , send her straight back or take her back, do not stay with her , dont speak much at all, if she comes back in to you dothe  same thing, take her back she doesnt get anything and no talk ,its bed time.Hugs and kisses are hard to resist so if you do that she will come in for them, best to give her plenty when you tuck her in, tell her thats it for the night she gets more In the morning....Good Luck she sounds rather adorable and hard to resist ...
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I posted my question almost a year ago, so here is an update on what i did to help my daughter stay in bed.    

After talking with her doctor as well as her behavioral specialist we all came to the conclusion that her brain just wasn't shutting down at night.  She was diagnosed with ADHD before I posted my question, but never thought that it would actually bother her at night.  I was wrong.  Children with ADHD have a hard time concentrating and sitting still because their brain is always on the go. (ever tried to sleep when there's something on your mind and it keeps you awake?)  Even though she was tired at night, she just couldn't fall asleep because her brain just wouldn't slow down enough for sleep mode.  After doctor recommendation, we tried giving her 3mg of melatonin a few hours before bed time.  Melatonin is naturally produced by the brain, it's what helps you to wind down and fall asleep.  Keep in mind, it is not a drug, it's an all natural supplement that your body makes on it's own, however in my daughter's case her brain was not producing enough of it to counter act the ADHA.  
Since introducing the melatonin before bed, my daughter usually only gets out of bed once a night to use the restroom ( of course there are those rare nights of bad dreams, or getting sick) she wakes up feeling much better and is doing great in school now thanks to a good nights sleep.  
My 4 year old nephew has also started taking melatonin after my sister-in-law could not stand him being awake until 4a or later.  It was taking a huge toll on their family since no one got any real rest.  He is now in bed by 10p at the latest and much more productive during the day and much easier to get along with thanks to a good nights rest.
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