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How Reliable is Ravgen’s Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test?

Hi all. I did a Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test with Ravgen back in early April when I was around 28 weeks pregnant (I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant and due with a little boy on/around July 3rd.)

I sent a discrete sample (his toothbrush) into Ravgen and got my results (the inclusion I wanted) within a week. The guy I wanted to be the father is over 99% a paternal match to the fetal DNA in my blood.

However, maybe my pregnancy hormones and anxiety are causing me to stress over nothing. But he wants to do a follow up post natal test when our son is born just to be sure. Should I be worried about a false result/inclusion? I know Ravgen and DDC are considered the best and most reliable two labs with genetic testing. Does anyone know of any times that Ravgen has been wrong with their results?

I called up Ravgen and talked to the lab director John (who is awesome by the way), and he assured me that with my particular case/sample/file that all of the DNA sites in the sample (there are 12 of them they test with a “discrete sample”) were clean/uncontaminated/able to be used for testing/produced a clear DNA profile. Otherwise with contamination he would not have been able to test all 12 (they can only test uncontaminated sites, so a contaminated site would only produce 11 or less sites to test, to get a paternity match). But he said my sample was good. He was able to test all 12. All of the 12 sites between paternal/baby matched up with a 99.89% paternity match. He said that discrete samples don’t yield as many sites to test as a buccal swab, thus the percentage of paternity (99.89%) is lower than a buccal swab that yields a (99.99%) normally.

Additionally, he said that they run the test with two different teams to make sure they get the same result. But I’m still anxious and fearful. Have there been any cases where Ravgen has been incorrect? Please help!
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Hi, we have had a couple of trolls write in and say that all prenatal testing is in error, but have never had a reliable report of an error from Ravgen. Go ahead and test when the baby is born with a clear conscience.

It sounds (from the fact that you used a toothbrush) like your boyfriend doesn't know you tested him. Therefore, he is (reasonably enough if he is facing all the costs of fatherhood) asking what any unmarried guy should ask for in this day and age, proof positive that the baby is from him.

Did you test both guys? If you got a positive for your desired father and a negative for the other guy, it's hard to see what you are worried about. There was a discussion on this site about false negatives and "false positives" recently -- some women had heard of false negatives from cheapie so-called DNA labs, but nobody had ever heard of a false positive.

If your conscience won't let you alone about having slept with two different guys, see a counselor or therapist. A lot of the time women who won't believe lab results are basically just frozen in the guilt or ambiguity of having had unprotected sex in short order with two different guys, and it has nothing to do with genuinely disbelieving their medical results. The anxiety just transfers there, because it's easier to catastrophize about. Resist the anxiety on its own terms, in other words, face what is really bothering you about the situation and deal with that. Your transferred (fake) fear that the best lab in the business did something wrong that no lab ever does (that is, a "false positive") will fade away, when you address the cause of your stress.
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And, the most important thing -- congratulations on your baby!  :)
Hi Annie. Thanks so much for responding back to my post. You seem to be the most knowledgeable person on this forum about the topic of NIPP.

I did not test both guys. I just tested Guy #1 - the guy I wanted to be the father and who Ravgen says is over 99% the father. I used his toothbrush instead of a buccal swab. He actually does know I tested his toothbrush. I told him after I got my positive results. I figured since I got my inclusion/positive result that I didn’t need to test the other guy. Do you think that was a mistake on my end?

If you don’t mind me asking. What is a “false negative”? Is that where a potential father is falsely excluded as the father, only to be tested again and find out he really is the father? I’m a bit confused.

And Ravgen hasn’t ever had a case (as far as you know), of a “false positive/inclusion” with a father testing positive/being included as the father with a prenatal test, only to be tested later (post natal), and be excluded/find out that he isn’t father?

There was a poster on here a few threads back saying that her Ravgen results were wrong post natal. I don’t know how reliable this source was. But it was a thread on here and really messed with mind.

I know the stress, anxiety,  hormones, and misplaced guilt is making me illogical and irrational. You are so right about everything. Guilt and stress does absolutely crazy things to your mind.

Also thank you for the congratulations. I am excited to meet my little boy. I just wish the stress and anxiety wouldn’t follow me.
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I think we did have one troll who posted first that she got false results from the DDC, and then that she got false results from Ravgen. She used the exact same wording each time, except changed the name of the lab. This is what happens when you attempt to do medical fact-checking on the Internet from anonymous source's posts.

Just don't overdramatize, you are fine, get the DNA test done after the baby comes and then forget about the question forever.
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It’s very accurate . They were 100% correct with my daughter . I was worried my entire pregnancy and ruined the whole experience bc I didn’t believe the test .
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I obsessed so much about ravgen and did so much research. I was only able to find maybe two false results on the Internet and never really got a straight answer from one of the girls claiming it when I mesaged her . This company has been doing this for years and have done thousands . If there were a bunch of wrong results they would be blasted all
Over the place . I could only find two and like I said the girl was iffy with her info . Your test are accurate.
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Also Annie is right. False negatives are way more likely to occur . I also read that same persons complaint about ravgen on this site when I was pregnant that’s one of the two that I was referring to and I don’t even think it’s true . I promise I went so far as to call the labs that ravgen uses to get blood samples . I was insane !!! If you want to private message me feel free . I know your freaking out but it’s pointless . Ravgen is amazing
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