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Doctor says nothing they can do and my son is now just waiting to die

My 28-year-old son was in the army and was medically discharged after they discovered he had a blood clotting disorder. The reason they discovered this was because he dropped a dumbbell on his thigh and initially just thought he had a charlie horse but the pain never went away and slowly got worse and worse and he couldn't sleep and he couldn't walk. The army being the army just thought he was faking it to get out of PT so they didn't do anything for him until he came commando crawling into the mess hall, with his arms, dragging his legs behind him on the ground, with tears streaming down his face. They finally brought him to the doctor who ended up finding he had a 12-in blood clot in his leg. For some reason they didn't do anything about it but set him up with a specialist and when he arrived for that appointment they told him he was a day late even though the card he was holding had that day's date on it. They set him up for another appointment and by that time his blood clot was 32 inches long from ankle to hip. They started him on some sort of anticoagulant and I think they did some sort of procedure that seemed similar to trying to drill through the blood clot or something but they told him that it was crystallized and it wasn't going to happen. So he got medically discharged and has now been to several appointments with the VA over the last couple years and all they can do for him is give him warfarin. They tell him there's nothing they can do and that he essentially just has to live with the pain and wait to die of blood clots. Whenever he goes to get his INR checked it's always about 1.2 and they want him around double that. So they up his warfarin dose and at his next INR appointment his numbers are about the same 1.2 1.3 and so they up his warfarin again and his next INR is the same. At this point we're not sure what to do.  His heart is just trying to pump tar through his veins and he's in severe pain all the time, can't sleep, can't walk, can't work. To add insult to injury the army has decided that he should only receive a 50% disability. Has anybody heard of or experienced warfarin not adjusting your INR to a proper level, not being effective?  Is it the case that if you've got a crystallized blood clot in your vein that they can't do anything for you? He does have some sort of clotting Factor I can't remember which number but he did test positive for a clotting disorder. At this point I don't know if the VA just sees that he is not of any value to them anymore and so they're just going to let him die, and maybe we need to find some sort of specialist or go to some University hospital or the Mayo clinic where they may have heard of something like this or have experience with something like this. Thoughts and advice would be appreciated.
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