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Can I wait just a few more days with this abscessed tooth? NO PAIN, and SLIGHT SWELLING FOR 2 WEEKS?

I had a constant dull annoying feeling in my bottom molar for a few months and in the past few weeks I have started to get a little bit of swelling on the side where the tooth is. I am pretty sure that it is an abscessed tooth. I went to the doctor a week and a half ago and he peaked really quickly and prescribed me some Amoxicillin which helped the swelling a lot but I just took my last one this morning and the swelling has come back a little bit.

I just started a new job and won't have dental insurance until Oct. 1st. I am kind of worried that this swelling might lead to something more serious but I am also wondering that if because it responded well to antibiotics already if I get back on them for a few days (I have a prescription refill tomorrow to fill) if I can get by with waiting until Oct 1st (assuming I can get in on that date).

What do you guys think?
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October 1 is getting close. It seems like it is not to the point where it really hurts. I think you'll be okay. Make sure you don't swallow the fluids that are in the abscess if it ever to pop.

Good luck! I use to have an abscess on my top molar and they had to give me a root canal and a crown. It wasn't so bad and sometimes I forget I even have a crown back there. It looks and feels like a tooth.
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It's your call. Personally, I would get some more antibiotics and wait till October 1st. It's only a few days away. Depends how bad the pain is though I guess.
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