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Does this sound like dry socket?

Asking anyone the has experienced it before or knows how to spot it:
I had my wisdom teeth removed eight days ago, and for the past few days being off vicodin, my jaw, ear, cheekbone, and molars on the left side have been causing terrible pain. I think most-if not all of my sutures came out pretty quick, and I was worried about that so I saw my surgeon yesterday, but he said nothing seemed alarming and I was just healing. There is a visible pit that can fit the tip of a chopstick where the bottom left tooth was extracted. It’s not smelly, but every now and then it pushes out some weird salty taste.
I want to say like the day right after my surgery I could feel some ache in the earbone and it hasn’t gone away. I never really worried about it until now, after reading symptoms of dry socket. The past 8 days I haven’t been able to sleep fully through the night without having to take medicine for some pains or another.
I’d also like to note that
1.) I have been taking birth control for the past 4 months now
2.) I was able to take my penicillin only for 3 days before I stopped and was instructed by my surgeon to rinse with salt water and watch for infection. I was throwing it up and it make my stomach feel horrible.
3.) I’ve found that I’ve needed to take more painkillers and ibuprofen than I’ve been prescribed. I’m trying to come off the medicines, but it is very hard to woth pain this bad.
Could other factors like eating solid foods and rinsing too soon come into play aswell? I wasn’t able to even attempt at eating solid foods until 5-6 days after surgery, and since my penicillin was making me throw up everytime I took it, I found that I was rinsing a lot withing the first 3 days after surgery.
I am awake right now, unable to sleep again because the whole left side of my face aches and throbs so badly I literally cannot stop crying and continue sleeping ):
I just want some clarity on what this issue may be before bothering my surgeon again.
Thanks so much
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