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Is it thrush and gum infection or geographic tongue???

Well both side of my tongue started to become plain around a year ago....the top surface started to become more debris attracting kind....it gets dirty after every meal I have and looks like a coating...In the morning I brush my tongue lightly and then its gone.I don't need to scrap them off.As I said both side of my tongue started to become plain with irregular patches that comes and goes....but since past two months its remaining plain on two side and front.There are also couple of small ring like formation on top and underneath or two sides.I visited my dentist 4 months ago and he just prescribed me antibiotics that didn't help much.I don't feel any irritation or burning though while eating anything.Just sometimes it bleeds little bit at back while I try to scrap.I think at the bak of my tongue those glands or something are feeling bigger to me also.I had Tuberculosis in 2015 and dengue fever in 2017 and had a blood transfusion during TB.Tb got cured...also did a hiv test in 2018 (it was -ve) as I was afraid from that blood transfusion.Not any kind of sexual relationship ever.Sit most of the time at home studying and do very little exercise.I am 23 now and 62 kg of weight.I am going to visit my dentist next week.Please have a look on IMAGES i have added in my profile if they help you in any way.i dont know if its oral thrush or cancer or whatever...now i am again scared of hiv also ,though it was negative and thinking what if they didn't do the test properly.please help.
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