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Hi everyone,

I'm new here but these last few days, I've read nearly every post. I'll explain where I am at right now, and I hope to keep everyone updated during my recovery.

I'm 22 and I got my 4 wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago. The OS warned me that my left side was very close to the nerve, so I most likely would have some damage that would take up to 6 months to heal. I brushed it off, thinking that it wouldn't actually happen. Well of course I was wrong, and whereas most of the anesthetic wore off within a few hours, the left side of my chin and lip stayed numb. It's not completely numb, as I can feel pressure and it's constantly tingling. There is also a tightness and sometimes an itching feeling which is just downright annoying because I can't actually reach it. My front teeth also feel as if they have been crammed together. Basically, all the common symptoms it would seem.

I've been on ibuprofen every 6 hours and on the third day I was put on steroids. I took it for three days and stopped today because I was reacting badly to them. I kind of wish I hadn't stopped though, because people seem to have some success on them. I thought I couldn't relate to the bad pain that others were having because mine has always just been very uncomfortable with a pain level of around 3-4. Turns out that's because I've also been on strong opioids (percocet and dilaudid) for my teeth, which has been controlling the nerve pain.  I attempted to go off of them today and I wanted to rip my jaw off. Fun times.

Anywho, I'm still quite swollen so I'm guessing that that plays a huge part in both my overall jaw pain and my nerve pain / numbness. I'll continue taking the ibuprofen and hopefully in a few days I'll be able to bear the chin / lip pain without medication. I'm also taking B12 supplements.

I'm honestly quite positive about my recovery. Not necessarily that it will be quick, easy or painless (both mentally and physically) but I'm trying to look at the bigger picture. If in a year from now I can be 90% healed, I'll be happy. And what is a year, really, in comparison to a lifetime? I hope to look back on this when I'm 35 and say, "Hey, remember that whole year in college when I couldn't feel my mouth and my smile was lopsided in all the pictures? Crazy times, man." and move on with my life.
I'm going back to school tomorrow after summer break, and I plan on not being self conscious but being very open about it to everyone - you just got to own it. My new song is "Can't feel my face" by The Weeknd.

Anyways, I hope I can maintain this positivity throughout, but I'm not too worried about that either. It's all about perspective, do whatever you can to heal, be healthy and let time do the rest.

Good luck to everyone, I'll keep you posted!
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Hi again,

I just thought I would update everyone on my situation. Im 3 weeks and two days post surgery and things are getting better.

I'm definitely still numb in the same areas, but my lip is becoming much more sensitive to touch. At first, I couldn't feel anything if I touched it lightly with my finger. Now, it will tingle when touched. It's odd, because it doesn't feel like anything is actually touching my skin, but I know there is something there because of the tingles. It doesn't sound like much, but it's a huge improvement. I would say this happened around the just before the 3 week mark (about 4 days ago).

I'm not able to feel precise points just yet though. If I try to poke at my lip with a pencil, I won't feel anything unless I push down hard to put a lot of pressure on it.

My chin is still numb but I feel as if the "edges" of numbness have receded a mm or so, which is promising!

I think the biggest thing that happened is that I'm getting used to it. If you're reading this and you're in the early days of nerve bruising / damage, you might think that that's depressing. Believe me, it really isn't. Basically, at first it can consume all of your thoughts and energy. It can be frustrating because you're constantly aware of it, when you talk / eat / kiss, etc... *That's* depressing. But nerves take a long time to heal, so if you were to stay in that state for the entire time, you'd be constantly overwhelmed with discomfort. The human body gets used to the less than ideal situations so we can focus our attention elsewhere and thrive in other aspects of our lives. I no longer feel like I have this huge fat lip, I don't feel like I talk funny and I don't generally notice it when I smile. And honestly, nobody else has either. When I'm going about my day, it rarely causes problems. Now, I can continue with my life and let that sort itself out in it's own time. In my opinion, the trick is to accept it for what it is and focus on other things. I know, easier said than done sometimes! But it's a learning curve :)

Hope everyone else's recoveries are going well - I'll continue to update my progress as it happens!
Hello, how are you doing now? I’m a week out and feel a similar experience to yours. I have feeling in my chin lip and gum, but it’s minimal. And I’m experiencing some throbbing and pains and needles/itching lately. I’m hoping it’s a sign of recovery.... in the slightest.
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Thank you.  I actually am not real religious unlike others here. I am a science guy...not saying they are incompatible.  When you are dealt a certain circumstance and done all you can do and this would include many worse things like cancer or a debilitating car wreck or spinal cord injury...many worse things as April reminded us...what it really comes down to is faith that you will get better.  Another word is hopefulness.  When it comes to nerve regrowth and restoration of normal sensation, each one of us have learned that faith is what we hold on to in our quest to return to normal.

You are right to feel angry.  All of us have.  If you read back through my posts you will learn, I did all the research I could and yet still had my IAN damaged in a hospital with a team of surgeons.  In fact, seeing more people come here after my surgery in May suggests that there is something very wrong with the dental industry.  The calculation of health improvement by removal of wisdom teeth for a small percentage a.k.a. us, is 'wrong'.  This is 2014 and shouldn't be happening.  High risk candidates like us with IAN close to the wisdom tooth should be automatic candidates for a less invasive procedure.  I will tell you that I am certain 50 years from now this won't happen to anybody.

Meanwhile, I want to leave you with hope.  You will recover.  I believe you may even go through extreme doubt and perhaps even despair like I did because the recovery period is so long.  I have been tracking my breakthroughs and had another last night.  I suggest you track your changes for reassurance you are moving forward and getting better.  It may even take 2 years for me...I think I am on Starbrite's recovery time line reading her accounts....but because of how things have improved, I am a bit more confident today.  So during your recovery, come here for support and or questions and also report when you break out of numbness.as this is an important milestone to the recovery process.

We all understand how you feel and we are here for you.
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I am absolutely sure that you will be fine in a few weeks.   I know exactly what you're going through.   What you described in your original letter is the same as what I felt with the itchy crawly feeling.    You feel like it's driving you crazy because you can't feel that area to be able to fix it because of the numbness.  Remember though that you've had minor surgery on a part of your body where nerves have been upset, and like every surgery, you have to let the body heal itself.    All of a sudden you will wake up and realize that you have a tiny little bit more sensation than you did the day before, and then the next week it will feel like a tiny bit more has come back, and so on and so on.   It takes time but the body is a very complex machine.   Remember.....the itchy crawly feeling is a good sign!   I'll be very interested to hear your progress.
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Gives us any hope ?

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Same old,  same old , almost 3 years later

Feels better , then regresses

Its truly hard to tell how much you've improved

I say this because,  your not sure if you have improved or just become more used to it

What's your story
Nerve injury following dental work :(

Can I ask what your most bothersome symptoms are and have you tried anything to find some relief? Has this ruined your life?
Nerve injury following dental work :(

Can I ask what your most bothersome symptoms are and have you tried anything to find some relief? Has this ruined your life?
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Did you visit Mayo Clinic and whether they offered you any type of treatment?
Actually I contacted them a while ago and I was given a response that there is no definitive treatment for such traumas to lingual nerve, which is my case, but did they did not give anymore details.
If you have any positive feedback from them please share it with us.
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Hi! Here's my story in 2014 I got 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted during surgery I felt this sharp electric shock (I didn't go under) didn't think much of it then I was on mess so the face bing numb I didn't notice it. Until a few day letter while brushing my teeth I had a sharp pain kind of like electric shock or cramp going through my tounge. I knew so,etching was off. I also experienced drippy crawly severe itching the first few weeks. I drank water and it felt like it was coming out of my mouth basically dripping down my chin when In fact wasn't. I experience tightness in chin and teeth feeling pulled,cramped or too tight. It's going to be 4 years in October 2018 since surgery. I have not fully recovered all symptoms got better I learned to live with it. Pretty upset oral surgeon didn't mention the risk since he saw x rays and could have let me know. I went through the same emotions everyone expressed in the forum. This is my first time sharing my experience but I would always read this thread of hope for it to hopefully regain 100% feeling.  I have hope I'll recover from this still. I suffer from hypersensitivity to hot or cold. When I bite into a war, burger it feels like the burger just came out it burns and I o viously react to re,icing it from my mouth. I have over compensated by chewing on my right. I do stretches with my mouth tounge. I feel tightness once in a while I feel pressure it's just odd. It doesn't really effect my quality of life as much as it did in the beginning sometimes I forget about it. Other times like I said when I eat I'm reminded of it. However I'm still trying to chew war,,spicy, cold on my left side to feel it even if it hurts in hopes that it willl wake up my never to normalcy again by continuing to use it. I am now looking to oral surgery to correct my bite and have a symmetrical face but I know the risk I run is to again are the nerves or making my left chin and lip permanently like this. I'm at a crossroads because I live with a small portion of my face impacted and not sure if I want to go through same or more nerve damage. I don't know if it's worth it. I'd be doing the le fort surgery along with joint replacement with supposedly one of the best oral surgeons in California located here in San Diego where I live. His name is Dr. Joel Berger a top oral surgeon ( he didn't perform my wisdom extraction). It's not a need i can live with how my jaw is now but I feel like as I get older it's going to be more pronounce and not aesthetically pleasing as I get older and lose the fat in my face. Everyone who looks at me doesn't notice this as much I do. I think I'm more likely going to do it because I'm 29 I have more chances at a better recovery right now that if I wait to get older. I'll post again if there's any changes or how my oral surgery went. If anyone has similar story as mine. I'd love to hear any feedback.
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did the tightness in your chin get better? I have tightness in my lower lip and chin. It is very aggravating and it does affect my quality of life. Sometimes I think it has loosened up and other times I feel like its just as bad as every. The tightness is only bothersome when I speak. I also still speak crooked (my lips move crooked). Anyways I had 4 wisdom teeth removed, BSSO and genioplasty in one surgery. Personally I regret the surgery (everyday). In my opinion, I look worse. I had a very slight overbite. My surgery wasn't planned well. If you go ahead, I strongly suggest more than one consult and also ask your surgeon for before/after photos of other patients who have a similar bite to you.
There’s some days I feel tightness but most days I guess my brains tunes IG out and I don’t feel tightness. For example today if I think about I know there’s something off in my chin but it doesn’t bother me. Again, it’s been 4 years so it’s gradually either gotten better or I’ve just learn to live with it. I’m going back in forth on the oral surgery double jaw surgery with joint replacement because of the nerve damage. If I hadn’t experience nerve damage on my wisdom tooth extraction I think I would just go for it. But the fact that I know what can happen it terrifies me and I also wonder is it worth it! My case is not that bad I hear people have headaches, migraines, sleep apnea which u don’t suffer from. I do sleep with my mouth open and tend to breathe from mg mouth and have trouble when exercising breathing through my nose but that’s about it. How long has it been since your surgery ? I hear most people who have jaw surgery tend to regret it the first 6 months because of pain and the facial changes you go through but after around the 1 year mark they love the results and don’t regret getting it done. You may need more time.  
Thank you. It's been a year and a half. Unfortunately, I think I will always regret getting it down. It has taken so much happiness away from me this year and I don't see any benefit it my case. Search for oral surgery support groups on Facebook, there are a couple jaw surgery groups I'm in. You can see a bunch of different cases, outcomes etc. I will say I am in the minority of people who regret it, a lot are happy.
As you said CHIN, these types of injuries unfortunately do take so much happiness from us. I had my injury more than a year ago and it has been one of the worst years of my life.
Take care.
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I have been following this thread but it looks like it is dead now.
I had a trauma to my lingual nerve after extraction of wisdom tooth which caused me the so called paresthesia on my right side of the tongue. It has been exactly a year now with considerable improvement but I still have this tightness and burning sensation that is driving me nuts. Luckily the paresthesia is only on my tongue

Did anyone had these same symptoms and whether you were able to find any type of treatment?

best of luck.
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Timeheals ?

It feels nothing like the feeling when they numbed it

See I always wondered about that , like how do they really

Know unless it’s happenned to them , it’s all guesswork

How could they really tell you how it would feel to have it Ablated

By a simulation of a numbing

Just pisses me off all around

Would you please explain what everything feels like

from day to day ?

Like you still have the tightness,agitation

As well as burning now ? Or is it burning and stabbing

Pain feelings in mouth and face

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I was feeling better , now lip tightness and discomfort rearing it’s ugly head. Gotta hold on to hopemas some have said they noticed more normal feelings after 18 months , which is where I’m almost at right now

Was hoping for more input from ya Timeheals
But I understand
how is the tightness now?
Hi Clint,

It looks like this thread is dead and no one is posting but I appreciate if you tell me how is your LLL laser treatment going?
I had a trauma to my lingual nerve after wisdom tooth extraction which resulted in paresthesia of my right side of the tongue, luckily I was able to escape from damage to my lip and chin. It has been now exactly one year but I still have the "burning" feeling which has been a nightmare to me for the past year.

I was wondering if this laser treatment can ease this burning sensation.

best of luck.
Sorry , I didn’t end up getting it

Turned out to not trust the source thenlaser was coming from

I’m surprised timeheals doesn’t check in anymore

All you can do is take care of yourself and hope for the best
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So , how is it Timeheals?

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I had a very bad experience with Radio Frequency Ablation.  It actually made me much worse and I am trying to cope with it right now as the nerve once again regenerates to some level.  So this whole ordeal has been a nightmare scenario for me personally. What I suggest is...if you are considering a procedure to have your nerve numbed because of debilitating pain, go to the Mayo Clinic or contact John Hopkins.  Don't mess around with something as important as your health.

I am a scientist and still can't figure out what went wrong.  My neurosurgeon at University of Florida will admit nothing.  He won't admit any fault.  I will never even try to speak to him again.

So, my next steps are:
Wait yet another 3 months or so to see what kind of nerve recovery I get.  When the RFA was performed, it made my entire right side of face burn in pain and still does including my tongue on the RHS.  I am a tough guy but this is hard to take.  Gabapentin does almost no good to alleviate pain. Swimming and sleep are the best escape as water cools and soothes the burning.

After more time to see what level of nerve recovery I will get, I am going to contact the Mayo Clinic to see what they can do for me.

I am sure not all RFA procedures for this injury go like this.  Mine has just been a nightmare and I am in way more pain than before.  The procedure also damaged my jaw muscle.  I am hoping for recovery as I had the first time only as many with this...mine was close to worse case first time around due to my molar extraction...I am hoping to get back to where I was which took me close to four years.

I am sorry not to report better news.  My advice to anybody reading this is simply, if in doubt or being on the bubble about enduring tightness or some level of stiffness or benign livable discomfort, chose NO surgery or intervention because of the risk of it going bad.  But if you decide to have a procedure done to escape some level of daily torture, seek the best medical experts in the world.  My understanding is...the Mayo Clinic has the best doctors for trigeminal neuralgia...my symptoms are now full blown TN.  If others know differently that there is a definitive hospital with the best nerve therapy somewhere in the US or world, please post.

Good luck Clint and to all.
No man ,  no no no .

This is what I feared was wrong when you never commented back .

Damnt dude , you have been so unlucky in all this it’s unreal , mind boggling unreal .

They say that me personally won the bad luck lottery for Having such bad nerve damage for a broken jaw
Being that 99 percent of broken jaws don’t cause
Nerve damage in the first place,mine is like this becaise mainly I was sucker punched , and the angle
And the exact spot where I was not is why I’m so u lucky or else there would of been none
I also got unlucky with my surgeon placing a fish damned screw in my nerve canal , YES
You heard that right , IN MY CANAL of my already compromised inferior alveolar nerve !!!

He did the same thing to me and acted like it
Wasn’t his fault or problem until I got another oral surgeon involved and he told him he better remove that crap ASAP . I even had a screw come out of my intra oral tissue and fall out of my mouth that was suppose to hold my titanium plate in place. So only 60
Days after my first invasive surgery I had to go back in
So that alone is impossible to ever come from having double surgeries on the same area in 60 days
But it dont stop there , shall I keep going ?
Well this same surgeon couldn’t sew back up my gums
So instead of taking a small graft from the top of my mouth he decided to try a procedure he read about at one point in his life AND stitched my cheek ridge to my whole gum line FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE

Can you imagine how it feels to have your inner cheek stitched to your gums ??? I’m so pissed at him for causing all these extra problems on top of an already hard to handle sensory nerve damage but I’m trying to move on.

Damnt though Timeheals,I wanted to tell you to avoid
The Radio Frequency Ablation becaise Of something I read on Sciental.net but I knew your case was unique
And you wanted any hope you could get at some kind of improvement for your future .

Now where you really just blew my mind is that your are saying you have Trigimenal Neuralgia .....
No way can that be exactly what you are feeling
Now ?Maybe worse feelings than before but
are you saying it really feels similar to this 24/7


I’m really just exhausted now for the both of us
I can’t lie , not trying to dull the problem for you
Or take away any substance from your situation
But thank god I at least got to go 60 years before this happened, could you imagine it happening at age 30?

And without a doubt your so called neurosurgeon fukked up in some way or another becaise RFA
Procedures are done all the time for nerves in the neck and the spine and it doesn’t lead to this

Saddest things about doctors are they are just humans at the end of the day and can only feel so much empathy when it comes to them possibly being at fault
They will use cognitive dissonance directly in your face
then just say we told you of the risks and have a good life .

I do want to tell you that I’m purchasing a
LLL laser therapy for my own personal use
I have scoured the Internet and found the best possible laser for us is a class 3b 808 1000 mw low level light therapy laser . It goes deep enough , up to 6 cm
Into the skin to hit all the ligaments,tissue,bone,and even the nerve at a cellular level using
photobiomodulation that is backed by string legit medical science . It is crucial for it to be done within the first year , I’m at 15months but will report immediately
Once it arrive and I treat myself with it for a few sessions .

I’m not a religious man but I’ll pray for you ok
I’ll do this because this isn’t fair for you
We are both suffering but outside of me being younger
And having to go through my younger years like this
Your suffering is greater due to how compromised it all is now , and this isn’t fair because you have always kept a level head and tried your best to give others hope on here .....so I hate to see this is how it has turned out .. keep in touch ok man and best of luck to all of us

Your buddy , Clint
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Hi everyone. I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted, BSSO (oral surgeon cuts your lower jaw and pushes it forward, securing with plates) and genioplasty (oral surgeon cuts your chin and secures it in position with a plate). My surgeon never mentioned I was at increased risk for nerve damage but after the surgery I asked for my pre-op x-ray and my roots were on the nerve.

I was pretty much dead numb for 3 months in my lower lip and chin. Oddly the numbness didn't bug me at all, a slight annoyance but hardly a functional issue. I cannot recall any burning/itchiness or pain. When the numbness subsided, which it did almost entirely in about 4-5 months...I was left with a dreadful stiff tight sensation in my lower lip and chin. I feel considerable discomfort when speaking (particularly when moving the lower lip/chin - feels very stiff, hard, inflexible--a tight pull when speaking). It has been 10 months and this feeling has persisted, bothering me more and more each day....I cry everyday about this. Do you think my situation sounds like damage to the nerve? Can the tightness remain even when the numbness is almost entirely gone?
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You sound almost identical to lady I corresponded with a bit whom I reached out not long ago to find out how she was doing but didn't hear back.  Sorry to learn you have been in such discomfort.  I have the identical tightness now approaching 4 years which has been mentally challenging beyond belief as you and I know so well.  This Friday, I am going in to have the nerve burned...called Radio Frequency Ablation.  This numbs the nerve with no associated tightness and agitation...and other mixture I have of some burning pain which you don't.  I also have a degree of numbness.  A cocktail of misery basically which many only know too well.  I have stated before here.  A nerve if having devastating damage, will NOT recover.  Others will have recovery.  All depends on the magnitude of injury to the nerve.

You maybe heading for the same place I am going.  I will report after my procedure how my mouth feels.

Best of Luck to you and all with this. Through copious testing I have had including trial nerve blocks, Numbing the nerve is MUCH MUCH better than living with daily tightness and nerve agitation.  I will soon find out.
Post with any questions as I have been at this for a long time.
I sent you a message if thats ok :)
Of course.  I just responded if you check your inbox.
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Not sure if anyone still posts on here anymore, but I'm 4.5 years out from wisdom teeth removal and still have paraesthesia of my entire chin, lower lip, and gums.  If anyone is still on here, I was wondering if you ever experienced ear issues way after getting your wisdom teeth out.  Lately I've been having a lot of clicking/popping/fullness.  Since I believe that the nerve is still trying to heal itself (I get occasional tingles and pain), I often attribute things that I otherwise wouldn't to the recovery of the nerve(s).  So I'm just wondering if the ear issue might be the nerve continuing to wake up.  Probably not, but I thought I'd see if anyone else has experienced ear issues with your paraesthesia (years after getting the teeth out).  
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Hello Rachael,
Its been a long time since I have posted.  I have had ongoing acute dysesthesia for about 3.75 years now...mixture of tightness, numbness, electric or burning pain and severe agitation when speaking and eating in particular.  Pretty awful.  Please consider that the nerves ability to regenerate is based upon the severity of the injury to the inferior alveolar nerve.  In my case, the nerve was severely damaged due to my lower rear molar extraction which was very challenging for the facial surgeon that extracted it..   Next week after several visits with nerve specialists, I have an appointment with a leading neurosurgeon.  Intent is to have the nerve gutted to remove my unacceptable pain.  Yes, I will lose sensation....I have had a trial with a nerve block and it is the best I have felt since having the tooth extracted.  This is called a neurectomy to the IAN.
I will be sure to share my finding with the forum here to provide this option for those who have severe injury to the nerve and won't be coming back from it like me.  If you are in considerable discomfort as I am, this may be an avenue to consider.  
I will share my findings with the forum late next week after surgery which is current plan.  I will know more after speaking the neurosurgeon next Wed, Jan 24.

Very best wishes to you and all here that struggle with this nerve injury with profound impact on quality of life.
did it work?
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DON'T WORRY! everything is gonna be alright. I had the same problem. it could take months. But it going to be recovered. I SWEAR!
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Hello! How long did it take for you?
Hi, I have left tooth extracted in January 2018 after two weeks extraction, I started to have uncomfortable feeling on and off  at my left low chin. Sometimes, feeling like a electricity passing my chin.Now, it four months passed, I still have the same, come and goes , I am very nervous. Will I have recovery ?
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Hello everybody!  

I got my wisdom tooth extracted 2 weeks ago and I believe there is damage to my inferior alveolar nerve. My gum is still numb. My lip feels tight, dry and burning whereas my chin feels tingling, pins and needles, stabbing and burning. These feelings come and go and they can be VERY painful.

What scares me most is that the dentist who did my extraction was a periodontist, not an oral surgeon. She also did not sit me down to warn me of my high risk of nerve damage. Even after the extraction, she didn't want to believe me, thinking i was too paranoid or researching too much but now she believes me and is panicking too. The fact that she seemed certain before that there wasn't going to be nerve damage makes me very nervous that she was incompetent and her skill could have permanently damaged my nerves! :(

Looking back, i know it was stupid not to go to an oral surgeon but i really had no idea of these complications. All my friends got their wisdom teeth extracted and have been fine!

Please somebody be my friend here and talk to me through this recovery journey, if you're still having similar problems, pls do respond. I admit I'm a fragile soul and a crybaby.
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I also wanna add that my unbearable sensation comes and goes RANDOMLY. but in these two weeks, i notice that there's no unbearable sensation  when i eat or shower. Or if i have it and I start to eat / shower, they also go away..

Is this a good sign?
I went to a oral surgeon and still have the same thing, bad luck
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Hi There, Im so glad I found this page! I had a temporary filling put into my lower right molar. I now have tingling and numb feeling in the right side of mu tongue. Im on day 6 and it is driving me mad I am so upset and dont know what to do! Has anyone got better from the tongue problem? Thanks
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The dentist did a " surgical extraction " on my FIRST MOLAR. But he left the roots in as he said it was dangerous to go any further and referred me to the hospital two days later. I was numb all over two days later and had needle like sensation. When the hospital took the tooth out the next day I thought it would be better but I was still numb and massive pain in my lip. I think it is going white even and I don't know what to do it's been 5 days anyone can help ?
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I think I am with the other hundred of y'all here. I am 8 days post op. I had not only the four wisdom teeth removed, but also five molars and a mass that was under my lower right wisdom tooth. It was a train wreck. The worst part of healing by far is the tightness of my chin and numbness of lip and chin. I can't hardly talk because it is such a strain. Eating is out of the question. I was hoping to find tricks to coping here. But maybe not so much. Hopefully this is still and active site. I've spent a lot of time reading all the other comments. Here's to a miracle....
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hey 8 days is fine, may I ask how old are you?
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Unlimited 777 andEtal, sorry to inform ya but no one posts here anymore . The only one wth diligence was Timeheals and he has moved on. Cant blame him for being a bit upset because after 3 by years things did not heal fo for him as much as he deserved

I will tell you all this, it will be one of the hardest things you face in your lifetime.You want your face to feel good, no one wants there face and mouth to feel poor, its simply different than any other part of the body.....we are more sensitive there and vulnerable

The tightness friggin sucks but you just gotta taoe care of yourself and pray the nerve continues to ease the feelings as time passes

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My chin will be numb for the rest of my life :(
whyy is that??? is your nerve completely cut??
2 Years counting
So does it feel tight or numb ??
I think it is combination of tight and numb, more tight i guess, can't really tell what this feeling is.
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Hey all, I too am experiencing the same conditions due to extraction of wisdom teeth. I am one week in and the tightness in my chin and lips are extremely aggravating. Any success stories or good news for anyone?
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Now its wait and watch situation... you are only 1 week out...its early...
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Heyyy...wata the situation with tightness guys
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Im not sure Darq, no 1 here has mentioned their problem stemming from that ? You better yet ?
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I am concerned, since my numbness/tingling pain didn't start with an extraction, it begain with the use of orajel on my broken tooth that's beside my lower K9.
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Heyy...did ur issues improved??
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Btw Timeheals , 2 things. I know you said regression seems to happen before better feelings come, but does that hod true even 6 months in. Like if tightness and pain when touched were dissipating to pretty close to normal but then it all comes back tight and painful..... is that still normal with this injury even as far as 6 months in .

I also saw you post that peripheral nerves continue to regenerate throughout our lifetime .... you said that after consulting with a team of experts, its hard for me to grasp that . Like do you mean slowly the nerve will present sligntly more normal feeelings as time goes on even if most of the healing has already occurred,  and were these experts taking into consideration the inferior alveolar nerve specifically when considering slow lifetime improvements

You know its strange, ive been injured more times than I can count and Ive always trusted the body to repair itself. This is the first time in my life I dont have that confidence .
Im just not sure what the nerve could still do after 6 months, but I also dont understand why the nerve would relapse either. The nerve is not in my jaw dying , im taking the best multivitamin in the world and takinf excellent care of myself. So why does it relapse lime this and send off such bad signals as if it is deteriorating even after big improvements


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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but quite possible you will have abnormal aka uncomfortable sensation in your mouth moving forward Clint.  Like myself you may have worse case for this injury.  There is relief however.  I am approaching 3 years and I live with some level of daily discomfort that cycles from bad to tolerable.  So I am considering a procedure called Radio Frequency Ablation to kill the nerve completely on my lower right side.  At University of Florida hospital I recently went through a trial and had mouth numbed with a dental needle and it was the first time in almost 3 years my mouth feel acceptable.  So, this trial basically represents what killing the nerve would feel like which is much better than the sensation in my mouth I live with daily so I am seriously considering it later this year.  I can email a case study of this procedure to anybody interested if you send me a private message.  It can be performed in many hospitals throughout the US and I presume in other parts of the world.  RFA is used on other parts of the body as well for chronic relieve of neuropathic pain including neck and spine area.  The doctor who wrote the white paper associated with ablating the inferior alveolar nerve…now runs a pain clinic in California and I can provide his contact information as well if anybody cares to contact him.
In summary Clint, some recover from their nerve injury and some don’t.  All depends on the severity of the injury to the nerve.  Word up.  Numbness is better than profound tightness and abnormal sensations running through your lip and chin.  
Hope that helps some seeking relief.
But wait? All that mumbo jumbo about plenty of time to heal written on each and every page ?

Im only 6 months into this ?
Didnt Starbrite,Blessed2beme, and sarahnumb all have tightness throughout their healing process . Sarah had hers till like 9 months , Starbrite said hers was fadingn slowly then did a final post 3 years later and said it wasnt in lip or chin just centered on canine tooth ...same with blessed2beme?

Just weeks ago it seemed like I was turning a corner fo rthe better. IF it was going to be really bad then it wouldnt of showed me those good days and weeks... like it would always be very bad sensations coursing through mouth mixed in with just bad sensations......

I dont really have any numbness maybe 5% if that. when I purse my lips then smile it doesnt really feel too tight. Just when I talk it seems to well up a bit under my lip and even at times it loosens up a lot .

I went from the first month of extreme tightness in lip and numbness , no pain , then after about 30-40 days I had almost all feeling back but still had the tightness.

Then about 4 months later the tightness in lip when pursing and smile faded a whole lot, to almost none. But the speaking still irritated it .

My chin feels a bit weird when I touch it, some pain in the size of a dime by my inner bottom lip and chin, but feels normal  a lot of times too, some tingles as well or bubbly sensations which leads me to believe its still healing ?

I have had a couple of bad weeks now since feeling really good on Feb 16..... but I thought that was all part of this. I know I might not heal 100% but you and the others here have always gave me hope that the nerve would continue to heal and more normal sensations such as tightness would continue to fade(if even after times of it getting bad again).

Kinda shocked me with this last post , I know you dont know my fate and all, but it seems all the optimism has drained outta ya over the last year .
I know 3 years is a long time about 1000 days, but im only 195 days into this . That RFA procedure isnt a option for me but I hope it gives you the comfort you have been hoping for

So you dont believe the nerve heals a whole lot after the initial 6-7 months of beginning healing and reconnecting? Earlier you said the nerve heals throughout lifetime ,I just kinda hoped the nerve would keep fighting for me to bring this tightness tension down over the next 6-12 months.....

Im more confused then ever. This thread is the only thing that has given me hope that my future wont be so bad because slowly the nerve would continue to fight to make sensations more normal over time like the other longterm sufferers

"Best of luck to those that say are less than one year from their injury and yet believe they are well away from being healed.  Many have come forward here and stated pretty unanimously that there is discernible healing between the 1 and 2 year period"

"Further injustice to those needlessly injured?  What the medical literature teaches surgeons and dentists about nerve recover.  It is widely inaccurate and irresponsible and in layman's terms, utter BS.  The 6 month mantra of what you see is what you get, it a complete false narrative as debunked by many testimonials here and a gross injustice to those unfortunate to suffer this injury and live in silent despair believing their quality of life will be forever degraded. "

" No we don't know the future, but statistics are largely in your favor and if not perhaps perfect recovery...more like a benign acceptable or new normal which will be perfectly tolerated and perhaps diminish to perfect normalcy over time. "

"But just like my mouth has changed 'substantially' from the 6 months to 1.5 year point, yours will too.
My mouth in fact continues to change weekly and I expect to follow the path of AprilChristine and Starbrite and others who have made it past the two year point and are still recovering"

These are all quotes by you that I have been holding onto dearly over these 6 months . Now Im not sure what to think. Thanks for responding but I wish you still remained as hopeful as you did in these posts.

Take care George :-(
You are trying to assign certainty to nerve damage you and others has sustained.  I have learned a lot about this injury over the years including how much improvement or lack thereof I can expect moving forward.  I will try to break it down for you a bit:
- Some that sustain injury to the IAN recover completely
- Some that sustain injury to the IAN will have a deficit aka some level of numbness they will barely notice
- Some will have discernible change of sensation without pain and some degree of noticeable tightness
- Some will struggle with this like myself after 3 years.  In summary, my nerve was profoundly injured by my tooth extraction. Short of severing the nerve, the injury to my nerve is likely worse case.

So how do you know where you fall in the pecking order above?  Time.  You are 6 months in.  I believe you will know your fate more 1 to 1.5 years in.  Nobody, not a doctor on the planet has a crystal ball to understand how much you will recover.  Age however is on your side being still a young man.
Above is what I now believe because I live worse case.  The amount of recovery I have achieved is largely degrading to my quality of life. My spirit however rises above it.  I refuse to bow to this injury and move forward each day as before.  I have a warrior spirit basically.  Day to day I have lived with a fair degree of discomfort…magnified by jaw motion aka speaking and eating.
So for me, as with the two other people in the case study I referenced, RFA is likely my best path moving forward.
Please explain why RFA is not an option for you as you state.  
Btw, you post a lot about not being able to move forward with your life etc.  I was injured far worse that you.  My mouth for almost a year felt like it was plugged into an electrical wall socket.  I was having anxiety attacks daily.  I know people that have been house bound for a year due to this injury because of the devastation and they finally emerged.   If you can’t cope with the symptoms you report which seem much less severe than what I went through, I highly suggest you seek therapy and anti depressant meds.  Issues like this can bankrupt brain chemistry and by administration of AD meds, you can get your life back even with being less than your perfect self.

Yeah I know. I just want to feel confident that the nerve is still inside
working on itself. I know they say the nerves grow and so forth but this isnt the case with this injury , its a short distance. So the growing with time connecting thing isnt a factor.

So even though the axons and growth cone have reached their destination , the nerve apparently still continues to work and rebuild itself to more normal feelings . Because the inch per month thing and within a few months its all connected or what not.

Like I said , I just want to know that my body/nerve isnt accepting this and is
trying to make sensations more normal month by month. You are confident of that in the first 12 -15 months right Timeheals, that the nerve continues to improve one way or another?

Im reading over Starbrite and blessed2me,along with sarahnumb and even kazlilly posts and they said the tightness continued to wear down with time... even though numbness went away ....

I just dont think the RFA procedure is for me as I dont want any more invasive procedures done to my body. I have been banged up to all hell with broken bones and injuries in only 34 years of life, speaking of 34 years old, you think that really has a impact on how much my nerve continues to correct itself?
Like, thats not just a saying?

Ive always appreciated your posts and still wish the best for you but I know after 3 years the way your still feeling its not looking good. Damn, cant believe a freaking extraction hurt the nerve that much ? Roots or not , it had to of ripped at the nerve to cause all that damage.

When you say jaw motion bothers you , like opening your jaw causes what ? Pain,tightness? Even eating does ? Explain the feeling in as much detail if you dont mind . My tightness feels good when im eating, but for some reason i can feel a tension well up when I talk real pronounced with my lips. Eating helps me though, it loosens it up in a way.

Wish you the best man, hope you comment back. And bol with that procedure if you go through with it.  

Thanks Clint.
The lesson in all of this is…it isn’t an even playing field therefore its unknown who will recover and who won’t.  I have recovered to the point my mouth feels like I am not longer plugged into a wall outlet.  For that I am beyond grateful.  There are no words in my vocabulary that can describe the first 6 months of this injury.  My mouth still feels generally feels poorly however and why killing the nerve completely is my best avenue.  I learned this while undergoing the trial numbing procedure at U of F. Numbness feels a lot better than profound tightness and continuous nerve agitation.  Not even close.
I also believe…and not to scare anybody here about their recovery, I am worse case or close to it.  I hoped this wasn’t going to be my story...a guy luckier than most with my health throughout my life...but time has taught me that is what I have been dealt.  And for further perspective, unlike you, I have been one of the healthiest people I know…always an exercise junkie and picture of health.  This was my first big health threat.

That said, my life is pretty close to normal.  I do what I want and when I want.  Yes, my mouth bugs me but some people have issues like arthritis and other pain related symptoms they have to live with.  Mine is simply nerve damage affecting my mouth and when I get the procedure…I have been putting it off a bit….I believe I will feel better…just like I did when I had my mouth numbed by the dental needle as a trial test.
I am hopeful you continue to recover Clint.  Stay hopeful.  In the absence of knowing you won’t recover, don’t lose hope you won’t recover.  Only reason I know I won’t  is because I haven’t.  This doesn’t apply to you or anybody else here.  Each of us are different.  As discussed, many improve dramatically over the months and this injury is no longer a problem for them.

Best of luck
explain agitation . And where(every single spot) is the tightness when you eat and speak ?Which one is worse, eating or speaking ?

You have pain without touching any areas of your face or mouth ?

Im glad your life is overall almost back to  normal though, that would take a warrior spirit as you said.

Answer this too , since the regrowing of the nerve has reached its destination (since its a short distance with inferior nerve) what occurs after 6 months ?
How did starbrite,sarahnumb,blessed2beme
continue to have breaktroughs so long
after the nerve had grown back to its previous spot? Is it that even though the nerve has reached its area , it still continues to heal within inside itself ?
Is that why we see the fine tuning of sensations getting better in time?
Is because the nerve keeps on working at patching itself up and making sensations more normal in doing so ? Kinda also how kazlilly said her tightness went from a 7 to a 2 from the 1 year to 2 year period

See all I hear with long term sufferers getting better is because the perip nerve they have toruble with has to reach a long distance which takes time.

So in a sense, the inferior nerve once its reaches its target still continues to get better and more healthy to make abnormal sensations more normal. Like I said with the fine tuning the tightness, weirdness,and other abnormalties
Is that what you apparently believe as well. That regeneration is more than the nerve regrowing to reach a certain point .

Thats where Im at right now, I just want to know the nerve isnt going to give up and be satisfied with where it is at. I still feel tickly sensations almost daily in it , and it gets loose then gets tight again , as right now its not all that tight at all but if i was to try to sing or yell moving my mouth around like a crazy person it would start to tense and coil up .

BUt the tightness seems to be getting better I guess because before I felt the tightness even when I didnt move my mouth at all .

I hope you read though what questions I asked and provide some more details ,especially since everyone else gave up on the forum ... which is a damn shame to be honest with ya . A damn shame
lol sigh
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