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Tongue bacteria

So i've been trying everything out in order to get rid of this damn white coating on my tongue. It's not severe, but i just do not know what else to do, because after a couple of hours after eating my breath smells a bit(i never got a complaint that my breath stinks(i even asked friends if it smells and they said no), it's just me who noticed this recently)...

I've did the smelly saliva test recently... I licked my wrist with the upper part of the tongue that had some white on it, and it smelled. I licked my wrist with the under part of the tongue where there is NO white whatsoever , i couldn't smell anything ...so i've come to the conclusion that this smell only comes from the bacteria on the tongue and not from within the body.

I've tried almost everything: Scraping it with my toothbrush (for 30 damn minutes, it hurt like hell afterwards...still, no difference)
Scraping with a special tongue brush
Cleaning and scraping with salt (almost no differnece..it did clean a bit)
Cleaning with Aloe Vera Juice
Cleaning with baking soda

I don't know what else to try to PERMANENTLY get rid of this damn thing.
My dental hygiene is PERFECT...i brush my teeth after ANYTHING that i eat...be it a banana or salmon. So at times i even brush my teeth 20 times a day if i have to. I can't understand how i still have this damn bacteria if my hygiene is so good.
Nutrition/health wise, i am on the other extreme part of wanting to be healthy. I do not drink any kind of market sodas/juices...only drink water and what is made in the house (sirup, fresh fruit juices, and a LOT of tea (1 L of tea each day)....i do not drink alcohol, i do not smoke. I do not eat fast food and other crap. I try to eat , again, as healthy as possible (clean meat without fat...chicken breast if my grandma sacrifices a chicken for me( i do not eat market chicken); salmon; pork tenderloin; turkey breast fillet )..i eat a LOT of fruits per day; a minimum of 3 bananas , 500g of grapes, kiwifruits and so on. Loads of vegetables of course....i do not eat sweets/chocolate ( i eat chocolate very rare ...which is only some chocolate corn flakes combined with normal ones)..i replace the sugar and sweets with honey and fruits.
And that's it...i don't know what might be causing this and it's getting me really frustrated ..
any kind of solution that could permanently take care of the problem ?
Added a photo as well
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The presenting photography appears normal to me, there is no pathology. Seeing an oral medicine specialist is advised if you are concerned.
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anyone ?
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Forgot to say that i also have a post nasal drip (had this for years and it caused me to have a throat clear tick which still continues to this day)...not sure if this is relevant, but i thought i would post this as well
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