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Weird Discoloration on previously replaced teeth?

        My question is this: My front teeth had to be replaced when I was about 6 or 7 years old, I feel off a knotted rope in gym class and my upper jaw hit the bottom knot with my mouth open (I think you get the picture). Anyway the dentist who replaced them said they would fall out naturally when I was about 14-or-15 years old I am now 19 almost 20. But recently I've started to notice some weird white streaks on one of the teeth and some very dark gray spots on the bottom of it too. Normally I wouldn't be worried but well with these particular teeth...... Can somebody tell me if this is just normal, you know from poor brushing habits or diet or something, or does it have something to do with these teeth in particular?
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Hi there,
A clinical examination is necessary for correct clinical diagnosis. These white streaks on teeth can be due to plaque built up on your teeth. It can be an early stage of becoming a cavity. Excessive caffeine intake, drugs like tetracycline, caries, fluorosis, poor oral hygiene, smoking all can lead to discolored stains on the teeth. It is best to see your dentist and get checked. A clinical examination will definitely be helpful. I hope it helps.
Best wishes and regards!
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Thank you
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