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Anything I can do about it??? Depression ;<

I want to die. I'm an average student who just finished GCSEs. I am worried about the grades I will get. I do combined science higher in which I wish to get at least a 6 and I do higher maths in which I also need a 6. I also need a minimum of 5 in English. If I don't get anyone of them ... My life is basically useless. My parents want be to become an engineer or a doctor ONLY. And I must say I do agree with them. In most cases I have been a disappointment to them and I feel that this is the final stage at which I can disappoint them and after that I will end all my suffering. It is almost impossible to satisfy me and I understand very much that my parents are trying their hardest just to make me happy. This will affect other family members but mostly me. I will have a guilt I can never forget. I therefore ask the kind person reading this to PLEASE help me. There might be many more things I could tell but no ... I can't. Thank you.
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Hey let's not get ourselves down yes there  is a lot of stress in exam's but your not alone , Depression & Stress can get you down but you must talk it over with someone you know or Family  by the sound's of it your Parents only want the best for you plus you know that , all you can do is your best and no one can ask for more from you  , Have you asked for extra help at these lesson's  it will be available for you , Please talk to your Teacher's  or  Friend's explain how your feeling talking is the best way forward , Please take care  
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Well, we really don't know if you're an average student or not -- you're so self-critical you might just be saying that to belittle yourself.  It's very difficult to know what you truly feel or how you're truly doing objectively from your post.  But if this is the common way you think about life and yourself, it's good you came to a depression forum.  What your parents want isn't actually relevant in real life -- it's only relevant in the lives we make up in our heads.  In real life, our parents generally just want us to be happy and successful enough to survive well economically; when they want something more specific than that, that's their problem, not yours.  You're very young and have no idea how life is going to go for you -- you might end up being a writer or a comedian or a store owner or just about anything -- life surprises more often than it turns out exactly according to anyone's plan.  But that's objective reality, and that's not how humans tend to think -- we tend to think in terms of what's expected of us.  That's not what happens, but it is what we think is going to happen.  The problem you're describing is you're putting so much pressure on yourself in addition to whatever external pressures exist that you're overwhelming yourself with doomsday thinking.  If this were how everyone thought the human species would not still be around, and it is.  So your most important job is to learn not to think this way.  You might need to see a professional therapist to do this, you might be able to do this by talking to a school counsellor, you might be able to do this by talking it through with your parents and your friends and other members of your family.  But talk to someone soon so you can get working on this soon.  You have a ton of life left, and it will surprise you.  It always does.
Noice ... I like u ... Anyways thank u very much. I shall inform you if anything else happens.
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Man I would be very happy if I got grade 5s or 6s. Sadly I can only hope for grade 4s. I fear that I won’t pass my English. But now it’s your 10+ week holiday. Forget about it all, relax and enjoy all ththe time you get off.
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