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Being alone

I have started going through some very weird changes in my life. My kids are grwoing up to fast and always thought that I would be happy to see them become independent and free up some of my time to do other things. But can you believe the exact opposite is happening! Now I an terrified to be without them. have lead a very quiet live and don't have a big cirle of friends. I actaully find it very hard to meet new people.

Any suggestion of how someone can get over the fear of being alone? It is so bad sometimes that when they are away at there Dad's and I go home to an empty house I just take a sleeping pill and go to bed and hope for a better day tomorrow.............
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There is church, book clubs, exercise groups (I take yoga), getting involved with a charity (I volunteer for the MS Society), take a class through a Parks and Recreation or Community College Continuing Education. Get a group a friends out for a Sunday brunch once a month. Friendships take time to cultivate. I was a Navy kid and we moved all the time so I was always the New student. I learned to say hello first. Ask questions about others that is an easy way to strike up interest. Then all you have to do is listen.

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I went thru the same thing, and I think a lot of others have too.  It's now time for you!  It sounds like you are already employed, so I would get involved in some type of volunteer work.  Church is a good place to start, and you will make new friends.  Think of a hobby you've always wanted to try, but had no time for.  I was lost when my kids became independent, and then they spread out across the country.  Now, I love my own time!  I enjoy gardening, long bubble baths, shopping, decorating, etc.  I'll go to a movie alone.  I gave my kids roots and wings, never dreaming they'd use the wings to fly so far away, but they did.  I have always supported their dreams, and still do.  Get a puppy, this will keep you busy and it's also a great way to meet new friends, I have 2 dogs.  You will adapt, and it will get better.  
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