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Do you feel this ?

Lately iv been noticing that all I can think of is the past . I have an amazing boyfriend who i live with but recently while drinking he mentioned an ex girlfriend who he was sleeping while while being involved with me . So Iv pretty much been obsessing the fact that he still love her. It's driving me insane my heart aches thinking about it and I cannot stop seeing old stuff on Facebook between them him talking to friends about her it all drives me insane and I'm losing sleep over this...
My question to all of you Is
Have you ever felt scared a partner still likes an ex
If so how did you get over it ?
Any tips on how to let go of the past ?
I'm having a hard time remembering he was a different person before we were together slept around did drugs drank didn't care about anything but he's way different now
How do I allow myself to see that ?
So stressed
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If he was sleeping with her while being involved with you, you have good reason to be scared about it.  I also find that people are more honest when they're drunk.  Their filters are off.  Some people say things they don't really mean depending on the type of drunk they are, but oftentimes, there's some element of truth.  I don't know that anything will be able to calm this fear and it may be healthy to consider moving on.  How long has this been consuming you?  How long ago did you find this all out?
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If he cheated on you, my opinion is to leave him. People like that need not be trusted.
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