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I feel so down

I have all these thoughts, and all these memories that I have bottled up but just can't seem to tell anyone. One minute my mood is good I'm happy, laughing and smiling, then the next I'm rock bottom. I feel like I'm pushing my boyfriend away, the one person who stands by me and helped me through depression when I was 15.

I feel frustrated and I don't know what to do. I have also just started on the pill recently which has made my moods 10x worse.
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Hello there,

First thing to do would be to talk about all those thoughts and feeling to someone you trust like your boyfriend or a close relative. Second best thing to do would be maybe seeking an external help like a therapist.

It would be good to know what pills did you start and for how long you have been taking them.

Frustration and feeling useless can be symptoms of depression but I'm in no position to diagnose yourself.

One thing i can tell you tho is that healthy diet and physical activity could definitely give you a good relief as it will balance your hormones and make your body happy and a happy body is often a happy brain.

Best regards,
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I agree.  You need to talk about these things or it will just get worse.  If not to your boyfriend, a professional who can help you cope and understand all of it.
Take care....
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Hey ,

I would definatly talk to some one and if you feel that you cant talk to your boyfriend there are some good organisations out there that you can contact . Alot of them dont even charge but you can make a donation and they are really helpful and dont be scared because they are pretty good and most importantly they are people like us .

My partner had a bad time on the pill and it really affected her mood and i could see that she always seemed "down" when she used it so we used alternatives .

Look into it and you will be o.k !!

Take care!!!
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