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Im so sad my puppy suddenly died.

I lost my puppy Honey a month ago and I miss her so much. She was my baby and only 5 and half years old and she kept having some breathing problems we took her to couple different vets but doctors never looked at it as anything too serious because she was that type of breed (french bulldog) that its normal for this type dog. Other than that she was all fine and suddenly one night she just had a shock and died. I feel like its my fault she died that she could have been saved that i could have done something.its just so hard i feel lost and so sad i cant even be around people and have normal conversations its hard... i miss her so much i wish i could wake up and this all be just a bad dream i want to hug her so much
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You aren't a vet, so there wasn't anything that you could have figured out to save Honey.
If you get another one, it will have its own favorite places to sit in the house and keep you busy, so you will have an easier time forgetting about Honey.
Actually, learning how to treat an animal can stand you in good stead.  Vets are like any other doctor -- they only know what they know.  I lost my dog last year.  She suffered a couple of illnesses, but she was lucky to have had me as an owner and we were lucky to have a holistic vet who worked with us.  I saved her life twice by knowing something about natural medicine -- had we given her over to the vets, they would have just made her suffer.  Just changing her main source of protein saved her life, and she lived to be 16 years old despite being part German Shepherd.  She died peacefully, in her sleep, under the dining room table near her food bowl.  My wife and I miss her so much and so far can't see just replacing her.  But certain breeds are prone to dying early because of how these breeds are bred, and bulldogs are one of those breeds.  The original bulldog was a long-lived long nosed dog, but they have been bred for dog shows to have breathing problems and short lives.  German shepherds were originally bred to be long-lived work dogs as well but now die young of hip problems and heart problems because of the breeding for dog shows.  But sometimes living things just don't live very long, and it's nobody's fault, it's just life.  When any creature, including humans, just dies without suffering, it's a blessing, even if the life wasn't as long as we would have hoped.  The grief will pass, slowly, and when you're ready, another dog is waiting for you -- and for my wife and I.
And know this, too -- a dog is a dog because it's an apex predator, but apex predators have large hearts built for hunting.  It's why they just don't live very long most of the time.  Humans live such a longer life if we're lucky because we don't have this problem.  It's just how nature made dogs.
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Oh I'm so sorry! Thank you for letting us know. Just having someone to tell who will listen can be helpful.

Very common feeling after a loved one suddenly dies to think maybe it could have been avoided it if only we had done something differently.

I bet Honey was very grateful to have known you.

Honey was probably also good therapy for you! (That's why we have therapy pets!)

There's so much that's out of our control! We can do a little; however, most of everything is out of our control. (That also happens to be Step 1 of the 12 Steps. Coming to terms with just how powerless we are.)

Bless you for being such a caring person!
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I also want to say that I'm very sorry for your loss. I've also lost a couple of beloved pets.  They are such an important part of our world and can very much be our comfort and our family.  This is very hard and you will mourn this loss.  Time heals which is an old saying.  But it does.  I hope time heals for you quickly and know your dog was lucky to have you.  hugs
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I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved Honey.  Losing a pet is very difficult. I myself have lost two of my fur babies to cancer and it is very tough.  Pets are members of your family and it is very sad when they pass away.  Honey was very lucky to have had you to look after her.  As far as preventing her passing, there was nothing else you could have done.  Time does help you heal and the pain does lessen but allow yourself to mourn Honey's loss as this will help you to heal .  
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I hope you come back and tell us how you are doing.  hugs
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How are you coping up? I hope everything is okay now. Having your puppy died, which is like part of the family is hard. I had my puppy too when I was four years old, I really love her and then one day I just found out that she got into an accident. Until now, I'm having this phobia of not having a pet again.

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Thank you all for your nice comments it really helped me  all your answers when I couldn’t open up to anyone! After two years I still have days that missing her comes heavy on me but it gets better much faster now. Time heals
Sending Love and Positive energy to all!
Thanks for coming back. Lovely to hear from you.  I know how bad it hurts.  I lost a dog over 5 years ago and have another dog that I now adore, but still get sad when I think about that loss.  It's natural. It really is a beautiful thing to love something so much, right?  I'm glad you're healing.  Have you been able to get another pet?  I truly love being a caregiver to my dog. :>)  Brings me great joy and worth the work.  hugs
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