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Midnight Depression Dance

Hey. I was wondering if I should see the doctor about depression. I just recently started smoking pot and when i did i realized that when i think about my life i get miserable. I'm living at my girlfriends parents house, i have a dead end job. my 19 year old sisters in jail for meth. my mom and stepdad have been homeless until recently. And I have no passion about anything that could make me a decent living. I feel like such a horrible person and I hide it by being super nice to everyone. I don't want to confront anyone because I'm afraid they will call out all my problems and it hurts to much to hear it from someone else's mouth. I've been driving to work without my license for as long as i remember because they keep failing me when i go to get my license over really minor offenses like how I'm holding the steering wheel and going under the speed limit. "where i live (an island) the locals don't like people who move here from other places". My life just seems like a huge mess. I'm trying to get beyond everything by studying to go to the community college next semester but there's a feeling in my gut that if I start I'd get overwhelmed with work. Not to mention I really can't afford it. I don't mean to blab on but I'm trying to give you an understanding of how I'm feeling. My hairs is literally going Grey and I'm only 23 HELP! Also I don't have a lot extra cash. How expensive are psychologists, I got decent medical?
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Hello there,

you might be experiencing something you know it's uncertainty about your future and you feel the hurry to get a better life. While I do think a psychologist could help, if you really want to see someone I would rather go see someone that could help you figure out what career or what studies you want to make.

Cannabis is also known to be a depressant when used at high dose and it can mess up your motivation which is not what you want right now so I would cut on that.

I would have a look in the mirror and ask what you want to do? Is there a hobby you really like you could get to work on? Having a more active social life? Own you own place which will make you feel more confident about yourself and boost you self-esteem?

Those are all issues you have to look at. I don't think medications are the way to go and they can do worse too (I consider they must be used as a last resort treatment or for people really in need). Anyway you can always check out with a psychologist and try to get a diagnosis but I'm pretty sure the problem lies your lifestyle.

Best regards,
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Cool thanks for the advise.I also forgot to mention that my mom's been severely depressed through-out her life also. She told me about being diagnosed when she was younger. I don't think she ever beat the depression because she shoots herself down a lot.
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