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The Writers' Circle

HEY GUYS! I have started a new group, its called 'The Writers' Circle'. Please leave me a note if you want to share your wonderful writing talents with other talented folks! Come share your work, express yourself and meet some ne friends from all over the world! I hope you are all interested.


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  I love to write. I went to the writers forum and was going to post but it wouldn`t let me.
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Great idea!  I will check it out for sure.

forgottensick, depending on how the group was set up, yuo may have to wait until kayannaboo approves you.  There are different levels of privacy settings for the groups, and the creator of the group sets it up to his/her preference.

I'll check it out and get back to you on this thread.

LOVE the idea...I have several excerpts of my own writings in my journals.  I'm into more comedic styles, for my own writinig.  I'm a huge believer in the power of laughter and comedy.
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After you click on the link and are taken to the group, you will see three choices near the top of the page (under the picture).  The middle one says "join this community".  Click on that, and viola!  You're in!

Kayan...I think you should post this with the link on some other forums also, whichever ones interest you.  Drum up some business!  

Good luck with the group!!
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