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Wellbutrin and Eating Disorders


So, I have been recovering for a really bad bout with anorexia for quite a long time now, and I can say that I am feeling great food-wise! I have been weight restored for almost a year and I never miss a meal. I had anorexia for years, but like I said, it is absolutely not present anymore! But, I am struggling quite a bit with depression. I have researched a lot about various deficiencies, mainly serotonin and dopamine. I have found that I have low dopamine, and I would really like to try Wellbutrin as it seems to work wonders for major depression. I have seen a psychologist for about a year, so I have already tried the CBT tactic, and while it worked at times, I really feel like a medication would give me a much-needed boost. My psychologist would support my desire for meds. I haven't had meds before though, so I am just weary of them.

My questions are, how does Wellbutrin work? I do not have anxiety, just extreme depression (fatigue, lots of apathy..) and therefore the stimulant wouldn't hurt me, but instead hopefully help me. The only problem is that Wellbutrin should not be taken when one has an eating disorder... I am not quite sure what this means. Are they referring to people with active eating disorders who are in a compromised medical state and more prone to seizing, or will anyone who has ever had an eating disorder be denied this med? I am not asking for Wellbutrin because of the weight loss side effects- 100% honest!!- but instead for its apparent success rate.

Finally, do I simply ask my doctor to prescribe it for me? Or would they have to recommend it? Sorry this is kind of confusing and scattered, but I am new to the medication world.

Thank you so much!!
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Wellbutrin is not an abused type medication so you could ask your doctor for it and explain your depression.  I was given it for 4 weeks when coming off opiates but my brain was so jacked up from the drug use that I couldn't tell if it was doing anything.  There are all types of anti-depressants out there, I would just talk to your doctor.  They won't make you a completely different person or anything, they usually take a few weeks to even kick in.  You can just start to gradually feel a little less stressed, but they don't provide euphoria, energy, or anything like narcotic medication.
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I think what you've heard is that wellbutrin can be very stimulating and can reduce appetite in people who have gained a lot of weight on ssris and so is sometimes combined with them.  I don't think it's any more successful than any other antidepressant, some suit you, some don't.  
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