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When you come off cold turkey from eflexor can it last months I was on them for 8 years ?

Hi All

Stupid Dr's changed me to a tricylic and now very ill every morning. Support group said that everyone is
individual and it will end but how much more can I take.
I have the run's, palps and nausea it is effecting my mood naturally.
Lorraine xx
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Yes it can last for several months because you have been on it a while. Everyone is different but it can't be more than 3 months if you want my humble opinion. If it has been more than 3-4 months after going off cold turkey then I would blame the tricyclic or anxiety.

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Thanks !
Support group say it can take a month for every year you've been on them, don't
think I could wait that long though!!!
Withdrawal gives symptoms of anxiety.
Wonder wether it could be the tricyclic ??
Also just discovered I should have been weaned off hydrocortisone and haven't been I only take 10 mg's but that could effect things.
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