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i cant control my thoughts

i dont know whats wrong with me ive been depressed for 2 years and it feels like life isnt real but thats not what this post is about its about the fact i cant control my thoughts like i will be sitting down and then music will be playing in my head and i cant stop it or i will say in my head that demons are allowed in my house then i will think no there not because i cant help the thought i cant stop it it just happens randomly is this common or am i messed up (im 14 and i have Aspergers)
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This is more info that you supplied on the anxiety forum.  Being stuck on a song is normal.  Believing there are demons around is pretty common, but I wouldn't recommend it.  As I asked on the anxiety forum, what are you doing about this?  Are you in therapy?
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Sorry to hear from you. In my opinion, you should consult with a counselor regarding your thoughts.
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