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please read NEED HELPPP

okay, ive posted about this before but ima get realy detaild this time.
ive had realy wired dreamy,unreal,almost like i dont exsitst feelings and its really scaring me..
before all this came on i had smoked weed for the first time and had a paranormal high i was freaking out...i still felt high  like 3 or 4 days later.. the feelings pastd but i then started to worry ALOT about my health..like when id see somthing on the tv dealing with deseases n stuffed id wonder if i had or could get this..i had quite a few panik attacks mostly in public.. and freak out even worse thinking it was a asma attack..i never had a panic attack befor in my life...the feelings are getting worse and hasnt left ONE BIT..im realy worried its somthing serioussss...any advise HELPSSSSSS.
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The feelings you describe sound like dissociative symptoms.
It could be due to drug induced psychosis.
I would talk to your doctor and possibly also ask for something for the anxiety.

This question has been covered numerous times on the mental health expert forum.  Try looking through some of the old posts and answers by Dr Gould and see if they are helpful.

You could also try posting on the mood  disorders expert forum regarding your concerns.
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yeahh my symptoms match all of that an depersonalization..an that was my first and last time with the drugs could that one time caused this?
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Everybody is different.  I'm not a huge expert on drugs, etc but I suspect it could have.  Some people who smoke weed end up with psychotic episodes and disorders.

I think if you were to treat the anxiety that things would improve.
Worrying about your health, having panic attacks and dissociating are all symptoms of anxiety.

I would ask your own doctor for advice or ask the expert on the mood disorders expert forum.

It sounds like a bad experience but perhaps a valuable one if it puts you off drugs.

I would definitely follow up with your doctor.

I'm sorry you're feeling so bad.
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Hey buddy.

I dissociate with my depression, and I smoke weed.

Not an expert; but from experience i'd say it's the effects of the weed, somewhat temporarily, not a permanent mental health issue. I've had it before, its horrible, really scary. You may feel like you're losing your mind. Weed does tend to cause paranoia in people. Also, it'd be particularly scary, because it was your first time.

My advice would be to give it a maximum of two more days. I suspect it will subside, and you should go back to normal. It has gone on for a lot more time than I would expect, but I feel that since it was your first time, it may have had an augmented effect.

(Although often weed doesn't affect you for your first time, something about THC being stored in fat cells - but it does for some people)

If within two days, the dissociation has not totally subsided, i'd strongly suggest you go to see a doctor. Don't hesitate to mention that you smoked weed, and feel that may have caused it. It won't result in consequences, of that I am sure.

I suspect it will subside very soon. I hope it does, I understand you must feel horrible. Trust me, been there.

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My mistake, I thought you had smoked recently and just felt like this. Just read your other post.

I'd strongly advise you to see a doctor. I don't think the weed caused it, but i'm not an expert. It COULD have. For people with a predisposition to mental illness, it can highly increase the risk, but look, I doubt it.

Yeah, go see a doctor real soon. Don't panic, but it's important to get an expert opinion!

All the best.
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