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weres my love gone

im fustrated.. with how flat and emotionly blunnted i am. have have two children 6 and 7 and since taking sertraline 4 months ago i cant feel love for my kids and for a mom it is the realy bothering me, im confused to weather its the med or due to major deprestion cause bith can cause apathy and anhedoia. i do know i would love to cry because how i feel but i cant. i need theses feelings back i feel so empty.
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Don't give up hope honey. You either need to change your meds or get a different dose. Call your family in and explain what's going on and how they could help you. I hope it gets better. Love to you and your loved ones.
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I agree with iAm above.  It could be your dosage of medication, either too much or too little.
Sometimes Antidepressants 'block' our emotions, ALL of them not just the negative ones we want to be rid of. Initially we don't mind it because we're glad to loss the negative feelings we were dealing with and feeling nothing is much better then where we were.
Talk to your doctor about this.  It may be that a decrease in your dosage is worth a try at this point.   Take care!
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