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Chronic Sebaceous Cyst near bikini line/ upper thigh area

I’ve had a painful red cyst on my bikini line for about 4 years now. It started as an ingrown hair, the bump was so small I didn’t think anything of it. Today, it’s a little smaller than a penny and has actually “spread” to my upper thigh area so now there are 2 which may or may not be related to one another. Some days, it doesn’t bother me at all.  Other days, it’s so painful that it hurts to walk or bend my leg to even put pants on. I had seen about 4 doctors (family doctor, gynecologist, dermatologist, another general practice doctor) who all put me on different kinds of antibiotics off and on, tried steroid injections directly into both cysts, different ointments, etc. Finally, I gave up I wanted this thing out of my body and so I found a general surgeon who was able to remove them both for me. I was so happy thinking that this would be the end of it. Exactly a month after my surgery the cyst on my bikini line became inflamed as if the cyst was returning. So I tell the doctor all of this. He puts me on a strong antibiotic that was keeping everything under control. Then not even 3 days later after being on the medicine the one on my upper thigh was getting irritated. I look at it closer and it looked like it was an infected ingrown hair right next to the wound. I decide to pull it out and as I’m doing so a lot of pus started coming out, I look at the “hair” that I just pulled out and it was a stitch that got left inside me (I went a week after surgery to get stitches removed.). So now I’ve finished the antibiotics and it is now the 3rd day I’ve been off the meds and I think the cyst is coming back again...

-Was surgery even worth it?
-Would having surgery again be a smart idea?
-Is there even a possibility that it will go away completely?
-Is my only other alternative going to be continuing to take antibiotics? Doesn’t taking antibiotics for prolonged periods of time have bad effects on your body?
-Could it be that another stitch could have possibly been left in me and isn’t letting the wound heal properly?

Thank you for your time it’s greatly appreciated.
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