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Eyebrow Hairloss

I'm loosing 2-8 eyebrows a day in either eyebrow
I had my reg doc run: Thyroid , vitamin blood test, that came back normal.

I been to two different Dermatologist

One says I have Dermatitis
The other says Alopecia

I was in and out of the office in less than 5 min with both doctors

They simple glance at it and send me home and say hey try this and maybe itll work..

Is there any specific test i can ask my derm to run ..I'm not big on guessing games, Iv had this problem for 5 months now and its just starting to get noticeable now.

Should i insist that my derm does a skin biopsy? are there any types of skin test that can diagnose alopecia or Dermatitis or other skin conditions?

I notice small white flakes in and around my eyebrows
and today i noticed a few tiny tiny beads of something crusty in my eyebrows, it almost looked like the normal flakes i had but when i rolled it in my figures it kind of of crumpled.

Iv taken  Xolegel(Ketoconazole) I used that for 2 weeks straight just like my derm said and I had no change in my condition.

The second Derm Prescribed Clobetsol Propionate USP .05% gel, I have been using that for over a month and haven’t noticed a change..

Also as an extra note, my eyebrows always feel oily and wet, im very aware that i have eyebrows.

The root and all is falling out.

I don’t notice any redness in or around the eyebrows, that’s why the second Derm said that it was definitely not a form of dermatitis.

The only medication I’m taking is Minocyline, I'm Taking 50 mg twice a day, I used to have slight acne on my forehead, it has been cleared up for many months.

Sometimes i get a slight itch in the eyebrows before they fall out and sometimes i get a slightly painful pricking feeling before they fall out and sometimes i don’t notice a thing and they fall out.

I haven’t experienced any other hair loss except in my eyebrows

19 y/o male
I eat very healthy
In the gym every other day
Live in Connecticut
And never left the country

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I cant figure out how to add details to my post so ill just add it here,

Most of my eyebrow hair loss is on the left eyebrow, almost the whole outer third of the eyebrow is lost,

Could it be possible that i have to ask my doctor to run the Thyriod test again, maybe they missed somthing
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AMDI335, did you ever find out what's going on?? I am a male, 23 years old, and I have several of your symptoms! I just got my blood test results and I tested okay for all the thyroid issues. My eyebrow has been losing hair for 9 months now and it is now getting very noticeable. I have itchy eyebrows with flakes as well (but no pain and my eyebrows do not feel oily and wet). Other than that it looks like I have exactly what you have. Let's keep in touch to help each other out!
hey i know this was a long time ago for you, but Im going through this right now... I need your help!!
hey i know this was a long time ago for you, but Im going through this right now... I need your help!!
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also, i forgot to mention that my outer 3rd eyebrow is also more "destroyed" than the rest (although the eyebrow as a whole is going down).
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i am a 42 year old female and i have had the exact same problem for 2 years now. I hardly have any eyebrow left on the left side it has been diagnosed as fungal infection, bacterial infection, follicullitis, and now the dermatologist says dermatitis. I have recently been using the fml steroid ointment, also the clobetasol nothing helps!!!!! if anyone out there knows anything that would help PLEASE HELP!!!!
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Have you asked your doctor if it's possible you have alopecia?
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AMDI and everyone else, did you guys find a solution to the problem? I got two creams from my dermatologist a little over a month ago. It stopped the itching almost immediately and took away the dandruff (90% of it). But, the problem is still there... I'm still losing my eyebrow hair.... sigh..
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i'm having the exact same symptoms as the original poster. No idea what's causing it.
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I had the same problem a couple of years ago.  My dermatologist started with creams with no improvement and then tried cortisone shots.  I went every two weeks to begin with and now only get them every year.  Hope this helps!!
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Any update? I know this is now years later and I'm sure a lot of people are going they the SAME THING! I am myself and it's seriously making me hate life! I had beautiful perfect eyebrows my whole life then the past 6 months outta no where I get the same thing as the first poster?!!! Any DRs on this forum?
Hey im dealing with this issue right now as well... if u found a solution please email me : enzo.***@****
Read my comment.
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Anyone updates? Same issue here
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Any update?

Similar issue here:

I have lost my eyebrows slowly over several years. Now, the right one is nearly gone and left one starting to disappear. They are thinning from the nose and outwards. I have been to several doctors and they all just say they have never seen anything like it, and that they dont think it is Alopecia or telogen, because I only loose eyebrow hair (none on the head+ not in spots, but diffuse). Doctors have checked all; vitamin levels, thyroid tests etc..all come back clear. I have been under MAJOR stress for several years (with almost constant heartbeat/ adrenaline rush + following fatigue. I wonder if this can be the reason for the hair loss? My other assumption is some autoimmune disorder. Doctors checked for it, autoimmune tests came back clear, except one of the "general autoimmunes»that came back positive, but my doctor said also many people without a autoimmune disorder got a positive result on that one. I take no medicine, otherwise healthy (except the fatigue and heartbeat/ adrenalin rushes), low on B12 and D-vitamin, but take supplements. Any experiences/ ideas what is wrong with me? Is this due to stress? Have any experienced regrowth after years of thinning brows? Should I try to get a further check for autoimmune disorder (hashimotos? Graves? Other?)?
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Demodex mites!  Get some tea tree oil and some walnut oil and mix equal parts (i.e. 1 teaspoon 100% tea tree oil and 1 teaspoon walnut oil) mix it up well, get in your Bed, put on some times and put that mix on your eyebrows and eyelids and sit there for 30 minutes.  Don't fall asleep, though.  You don't want it seeping in your eyes.   It will take weeks, but this is the only way to get rid of them.  Fyi, this is not done crazy weirdo. I am the most pro-drug person you will meet and not a tree-hugging hippie (no offense).  Ask your dermatologist to run a sample. Demodex mites.
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