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How do i get rid of Stubborn red rash above upper lip?

I've had this small red patch above my upper lip for 4 years, it becomes very dry quickly and it used be rough and patchy but it's slightly smoother now. The rest of my skin is absolutely fine and I have no allergies. I don't apply anything to my face except moisturizers and I use E45 or nivea. It might be to do with my diet but I don't know. I don't eat fruit because it makes my lips flare up and the skin around it itchy and I try my best to avoid dairy products since they're unhealthy. I'm just sick and tired of having this rash there it makes me really insecure because every other girl has a smooth upper lip and then there's me who looks bleh.
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Have you tried exfoliating the area with any lip exfoliators?  Does the rash itch at all?  
I tried that very early on and it makes it worse since it's a sensitive area, the skin doesn't become smooth just exfoliating it's need to be healed. Ah I really don't know it just flares up every now and then, it's just there you could say. It doesn't itch at all although it used to.
Maybe give some healing balm a try- many companies make different ones that should work (you could probably find a lot just by googling "healing balm")- the one I prefer comes from a company called Lemongrass- it's very helpful for those odd little spots or rashes that nothing else seems to be able to clear up.  
Hmm okay I'll give them a try, I've been to a doctor for this issue and since it's only a small area they just give me any cream which really infuriates me. Thank you for the suggestion ♡
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Anyone reading this post, i have posted a few pictures so that you understand where i am coming from C: They're not the best quality but i tried my best to show you how this rash looks
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