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Small bump/divot on top of head. Painless unless pressure is applied

Hi all. 35 year old male in good health. I am bald and have noticed in the last few years that I have a bump/divot on the very top of my scalp, basically directly centered

It’s completely painless unless I apply pressure to it, in which case I do feel some pain. It doesn’t “move” like a cyst would persay- honestly, it feels like broken up scar tissue

I asked a dermatologist about it and he didn’t seem concerned and thought it might be dermatitis

I am a bit of a worried so it does stress me out/make me nervous when I notice it, which seems to be every time I shave my head and it becomes more pronounced

I can post a pic. It’s sort of hard to see, just looks like a smooth patch of skin on top of my otherwise bald head :)
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Well i cant say without seeing but, the worry would be skin cancer which is slow growing and can be regularly checked for changes, like telltale signs. Its the abcds of Cancer. Asymmetry- so ur looking for a sudden shift of one sides edge
Boarders- any parts or outside are spreading past and imaginary line. Think if a cookie cutter and its spilling out
Color- so its getting darker or spotty
And diameter- its growing

I think the dr isnt worried because otherwise, if its not a bother, then its probably nothing. Anything environmental like allergies or a fungus (like dandruff  or ring worm... candida) would bother u and so would eczema and dermatitis. Basically their is a change or aliment that comes from anything thats a thing. Other then that, everyone should do the abcds as a regular awareness with all skin tag, growths or beauty marks, as my family calls them. That's a  cute name for moles!!! If everything is staying put then i wouldn't even worry. It could be a lil subeasous thing too ..if u mess with it and it opens, then sweat gets in...and dirt. Now u made a problem. S9 don't make no problems!!!! If anything get an otc anti fungus cream. Its embarrassing but yeast infection isle has the best options in one place. 7 day cream because the more, the better and not the weird pill things.. doesn't have to be name brand either. Just so u can kinda see every options they market for these sort of things. I Do it for my sons diaper rashes if dr is closed

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