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Thick hair follicles - infected?

I've become worried about a hair issue I've had for a couple years now.  I dont know where it first started, but the hairs on my stomach, breasts and back seem to be infected though there are no sores or pain. If you feel against the growth of the hairs it feels stiff though they're usually very fine.  At the pore they look dark but not like a blackhead.  When the hairs are pulled out the follicles are opaque, hard and thick and come out very easily with no pain for the most part.  Sometimes there are several hairs growing out of the same pore.  I call them infected hairs, but I dont think they exactly are.  I cant find anything else similar online, but this is becoming a growing problem for me, as the longer they are there, they tend to eventually get infected and become like acne.  Does anyone know what this could be and what I can do about it?  I've waxed my back and stomach to try to get rid of these hairs, but of course the waxing causes me to get acne and after several months they grow back and get thick and hard again.
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I have this SAME problem.  It's been plaguing me for years and I just keep getting told, it's folliculitus.  I just don't believe it, because none of the doctor's prescriptions for folliculitus or any hygiene changes have made a difference.  

Mine occur most often around stretchmarks, but not always.  If left alone, they can form very sore, marble-sized nodes, which sometimes come to a head.  They can be very painful or barely noticeable.

Yesterday, I had one which became a large, inflamed pustule.  When I popped it, lo and behold, a thick, 3/4 inch stub of hair came out as well.  Usually the hair/hairs break down once the infection sets in, so I was quite shocked.

I've never been able to convey the part about the thick hairs to a doctor before, and since white hair or pale skin is difficult to see, I haven't been able to show them either.  

This condition is very troublesome for me.  If anyone can shed some light on the matter, PLEASE share!
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I have the same thing. It's really frustrating because most dermatologists don't seem to understand or believe this issue. I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and part of my back, so I think that and the hair problem might be related for me. The KP makes keratin build up in hair follicles and cause inflammation on my arms, so this might be happening to a lesser degree on the other hairs. I also get them mostly on my stomach and around stretch marks. I'm pretty sure stretch marks and scars are areas that have more keratin than the rest of your skin, so this would make sens that they happen most there.

For me, the only thing that really works is exfoliating well and moisturizing. I use a physical exfoliator first (a bristle brush). Then I use DDF 5% glycolic wash as a chemical exfoliator, and I leave this on for a couple minutes to let it sink into the pores. After, I use a light moisturizer. This reduces it to some degree. Hope it helps!
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I have the SAME problem! I always pull them out they never seem anchored to the skin by a root except for the thick one that comes out with the white stuff... it's like the protein or root without the root color at the bottom... does anyone know what it is? I also get them on my breasts .... they never hurt except when infected. I also have trichotillomania and dermotillomania so it doesn't help.. the hairs intrigue me esp when like 3 or 4 come out of the same follicle!
if anyone knows what it is, plz let me know!
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I'm a 21 year-old male, I believe I have the same problem as well, I have stretch marks on my back, they are long and deep..and these thick really black follicles are only around and inside my stretch marks, I've recently discovered them and I just plucked some out, didn't hurt at all, and these follicles had no noticeable bulb on them, only this yellowish material covering the follicles.. they look ugly, my back already has stretch marks and now they are surrounded by black dots !!
Is there a medical term for this type of weird hair growth?
and how to remoove it permanently?
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Pili multigemini?
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